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Third-party software maintenance is a replacement of vendor support by an independent company that is not the original software publisher. It offers a more responsive and higher quality support and extends the lifecycle of software products that have lost vendor support. Third-party software maintenance costs less than OEM vendor support and provides companies with freedom and flexibility to make software purchasing decisions that support their IT roadmap.

Origina is a pioneer and industry leader of IBM® third-party software maintenance.

Origina supports over 800 IBM® and divested HCL® software products which are perpetually licensed under the Passport Advantage program.

Every product that Origina supports is a perpetually licensed software application. With this type of software license, companies maintain the right to continue using the software application after IBM® Subscription and Support (S&S) lapses. This includes any entitled Fix Packs or software versions users have captured and stored before their IBM® S&S lapses.

Origina provides support and maintenance for IBM software as an independent third-party support provider. Origina is not an IBM Business Partner.

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Origina is not an IBM Business Partner. Origina provides third-party software support for IBM® and HCL® products wholly independent of IBM and HCL, respectively. This is made possible due to the fact that over 800 IBM® products are perpetually licensed. A perpetual software license enables the licensee to continue using the software even after the 12-month Subscription and Support (S&S) ends. Origina takes over the responsibilities originally held by IBM, which consist of responding to incidents and guiding the technical team to a resolution. With Origina, customers retain access to all the versions of IBM® software they have access to at the end of S&S and can upgrade to these versions whenever the company requires. However, the company will not have access to future, unreleased versions while with Origina for support. It will need to reinstate to gain access to these upgrades. Learn more about Origina’s software support model here.

Origina operates in every country across the world.

The concierge style of support enables independent Global IBM® Experts to guide customers’ technical teams to ticket resolution from any country.

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Origina’s European headquarter is located in Dublin, Ireland. Its United States headquarter is located in Plano, Texas. Origina also has offices in London, England, Nieuwegein, Netherlands, and Sydney, Australia. Origina has representatives located across Europe, including France and the Benelux. Origina Limited is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Origina Limited UK is headquartered in London, England. Origina Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas. For more information about how to contact Origina, click here.

Origina is the world’s leading independent third-party software maintenance and support provider for IBM® software.

The company’s roots in IBM, both software and hardware, date back to 1998. Now, Origina is known for its superior customer service and value-rich software support and maintenance model, which works to extend the value of customers’ IBM® software products. Origina supports over 800 products licensed under the IBM® Passport Advantage program.

Origina Limited is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, though it has office locations across the world. In the United States, Origina Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas – just north of Dallas. In the UK, Origina Limited UK is headquartered in London.

The Feasibility Assessment, which compares the fixed annual cost of staying with IBM versus switching to Origina, was coined by Origina and delivers value immediately at the beginning of the buyer’s journey. Origina’s service model applies dedicated, customized customer support for companies’ IBM software products. Quarterly Meet-the-Experts meetings allow business’ technical teams to realize the true value of the independent Global IBM® Experts they have access to.

Origina protects customers’ IBM software through a layered approach to security. Details on its layered approach to security can be found here.

You can learn more about Origina’s company history here.


The Feasibility Assessment is Origina’s free evaluation that compares the cost of staying with IBM for software support versus the price of third-party support with Origina.

Origina’s pricing analysts take your IBM® parts and quantities to provide the estimated cost savings of switching to Origina over a five-year period, as well as:

  • A list of all the product versions the company is currently entitled to.
  • An assessment of the case history with IBM to determine what value has been received.
  • A technical assessment that will maximize the value of switching to Origina.

The Feasibility Assessment is completely free of charge and your information is kept confidential. It provides value to companies even if they decide not to switch to Origina for third-party software support, and determines the viability of making the switch if it’s desired.

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