case studies

Companies use third-party IBM support to achieve contractual flexibility, find IT savings, gain access to product experts, and assist in projects like migrations or decommissions. Learn how we’ve helped our customers achieve their goals.

The best business partners don’t just react – they advise, even if it has the potential to ruffle feathers. Learn how we helped a leading global consultancy avoid upgrading 80,000 Domino users.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for retailers, but also the most stressful and most difficult to plan for. Here’s how Origina helped a leader in the sporting goods space keep their IBM estate stable during huge holiday projected activity spikes. Learn more in this case study.

With 35 IBM® software products being phased out and several questions regarding next steps, Disneyland Paris turned to Origina to help bring clarity to the IT roadmap – and saved millions. Discover their path in this case study.

New functionality is nice, but it’s not always worth the cost and hassle of a software update. With Origina, Capital One found two new ways to get more out of their OpenPages implementation. Find out how in this case study.

Staring down a sweeping restructuring and IT cost optimization process, an iconic digital imaging company relied on Origina to add years to the innovation timeline. Get a snapshot of the win in our case study.

Hire a billion dollars’ worth of engineers or fix an unfixable problem? This national utility provider found another option with Origina’s third-party software maintenance (TPSM).

A leading global telecom carrier found itself stuck with a significant severity vulnerability. Origina’s help guided the company to a patch-free fix that kept the estate secure, no code changes required. Learn more.

A leading professional services firm quashes its audit and price increase concerns and starts its path toward modernization – with two expert partners in the wings. Find out how in this case study.

With Origina's guiding presence, a leading U.S.-based transportation company avoided tens of millions in audit risk. Perseverance and strong partnerships make a difference.