Origina supports over 800 IBM® Passport Advantage and HCL® products, including applications on Z mainframes.

Wondering if we offer third-party software maintenance and support for the products that power your company? Have a look at the most common products we support below. Don’t see your product listed? Get in touch and we will evaluate which of your IBM® or HCL® products can be supported by Origina.

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IBM® InfoSphere Information Server is a powerful data management platform that gives businesses the ability to automate the collection and organization of data, define and deploy policies, and generally govern the way in which information is accessed and used.

IBM® InfoSphere DataStage is a data integration application that uses artificial intelligence to transport large batches of data across the organization for analysis and reporting. Learn more

WebSphere Application Server

IBM® WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a Java-based runtime which is the basis for many IBM® and HCL® products. It also acts as a resilient, stand-alone runtime for running business-critical, custom J2EE applications. Learn more

Z Mainframes

The Z series is a range of IBM mainframe computers. The latest edition, the z16, was announced in 2022. Mainframes are used for complex data and applications which require the highest level of performance and reliability. They are some of the most secure systems on the market, and well-regarded for their processing power and the ability to run several different operating systems Learn more

App Connect Enterprise (ACE)

IBM® App Connect Enterprise is IBM’s integration broker for connecting applications and services. Data flowing through the integration broker can be routed, transformed, and enriched. The product supports a wide range of integration styles from traditional Enterprise Service Bus to modern API’s and microservices.
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Db2 is the badge given to the original large scale industrialized standard-setting enterprise database along with a family of associated technologies. IBM® Db2 Enterprise Server Edition provides the functionality necessary for large enterprises to fully leverage IBM® Db2 Databases through an intuitive data analytics, business intelligence and storage management tool set. Learn more

HCL® Domino®

HCL® Domino® is an enterprise server application development platform that can be used for many types of business applications. It is the foundation for a complete collaborative solution. It provides a low-code infrastructure that allows business users and IT teams to create, test, deploy and manage applications. Learn more

MQ Series

IBM® MQ is a series of middleware products that allows applications to securely communicate with one another across the digital estate. Learn more

Spectrum Protect

IBM® Spectrum Protect is an application that preserves the integrity and security of data through a series of features, while also enabling data administrators to implement more efficiency and resilience.

Tivoli Netcool

Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus is a service level management (SLM) system that delivers real-time, centralized monitoring of complex networks and IT domains.


IBM® SPSS Statistics, formerly known as IBM® SPSS, is software that enables companies to interrogate data for statistical analysis, from cross-tabulating and significance testing through multivariate models and machine learning.

Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM® Cognos Business Intelligence is a suite of business analytics applications that enable companies to track, analyze and report on events within the business through the help of a series of Cognos tools. The software is also known as IBM® Cognos Analytics. Learn more

Sterling Connect

Sterling Connect provides high-volume, reliable and security-rich enterprise file transfers. IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct provides security-hardened, point-to-point file transfers to lessen dependency on unreliable File Transfer Protocol (FTP) transfers. It is optimized for high-volume delivery of files within and among enterprises.

Business Process Manager

IBM® Business Process Manager is a platform that enables better business process management for users in the organization through the development, implementation and use of its software’s features.

Content Manager On Demand

IBM® Domino® Content Manager OnDemand is a digital repository for storing, accessing and interacting with files and information across the business.

Cognos Planning Analytics

IBM® Cognos Business Intelligence is a suite of business analytics applications that enable companies to track, analyze and report on events within the business through the help of a series of Cognos tools. The software is also known as IBM® Cognos Analytics. Learn more


IBM® FileNet is an enterprise content management platform which enables better collaboration over content across the business.


IBM® OpenPages is a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform that offers a comprehensive view of regulatory risk and centralizes compliance analysis for review and further action.

WebSphere Commerce

IBM® WebSphere Commerce is a series of tools designed primarily for e-commerce purposes and which allows for centralization and collaboration of data and processes, as well as coordination of marketing and sales teams. IBM® WebSphere Commerce is now known as HCL® Commerce following HCL Technologies’ acquisition of the software in 2019.