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“We’re getting more than we ever did with IBM! Origina helped us understand and transform our digital estate, and saved us between 40 and 50 percent off our annual IBM software support and maintenance costs.”
BT is a telecommunications firm that works with Origina for third-party IBM software support.
Matt Turner
Channels & IT Transformation
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Third-party software support for IBM immediately reduces fixed annual costs, saving companies 50 percent on average.

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Dedicated IBM product experts deliver personalized service and resolve issues at a rapid pace.

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Innovative software maintenance tactics greatly extend the lifecycle and longevity of IBM software.

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Third-Party Software Management by the Numbers


* According to Consulting CIOs Embrace Third-Party Software Maintenance Benefits, a Forrester study commissioned by Origina

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Annual Savings on Fixed Costs Fuel Innovation

Independent third-party support for IBM software is an excellent source of savings for operating expenditures. Origina saves companies 50 percent on average on annual software support costs and embraces a pricing model which decreases by 5 percent each year, as opposed to IBM’s increase of 7.5 percent per year.