Origina leverages deep technical expertise and a customer-first philosophy to go above and beyond what’s available in a vendor software support model. Tactical IBM software maintenance extends the lifecycle of IBM products to deliver a greater return on investment for customers than IBM can provide.

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Protection Against Entitlement Risk,
Support for IBM Audit Concerns

Companies can face steep fines for breaching an IBM contract regarding license and entitlement usage. Origina’s independent IBM licensing specialists give customers clarity over their license inventory to identify and mitigate potential risk.

Pre-Audit Guidance for IBM License Entitlements

Maintaining complete oversight over IBM software license usage is critical to avoiding any dangers that an unexpected audit may pose. Companies can work with Origina to collect information on IBM software usage and better understand their contract to mitigate risk ahead of the possibility of an audit. Regardless of whether the business has received an audit letter, it’s an important exercise to ensure software asset managers have complete clarity over the technical details over the deployed applications.

IBM License Audit Support and Consultation

An IBM audit is a daunting experience for even the most experienced IBM license practitioners. Origina works with skilled IBM licensing specialists and consultants to help companies find the right assistance for their unique needs. These experts can give businesses insight into the tactics used during an audit to avoid being pushed into a commercial settlement. Assistance includes, but is not limited to: