Origina Empower 2024 — Shatter the Status Quo:

A Compass for IT Success

Arm yourself with the tools necessary to navigate confidently through today’s intricate IT landscape at this virtual event.

June 13, 2024 | 2 PM GMT+1 | 9 AM EDT  

Empower 2024 beckons trailblazers and visionaries to venture beyond the status quo to challenge the norms of software OEMs and make bold decisions to drive long-term success.


Origina’s Empower 2024 — Shatter the Status Quo will serve as a compass for CIOs and IT stakeholders poised to navigate beyond the familiar shores of conventional software maintenance and support. In an era where technological landscapes evolve at breakneck speed, this pivotal event will illuminate the path forward toward discovering the ultimate roadmap to IT resilience.

Topics will include:

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