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"Sorry it’s just our policy"
Apr 5, 2019
In regard to your IBM software support, don’t settle for “It’s just our policy”, bad customer service, long SLA times or overpriced support.
How to reduce IBM support costs using third-party support
Apr 4, 2019
Although IT budgets have been increasingly over the past few years, CIOs are expected to make that cash stretch further than ever before.
Software contracts - Is this what Stockholm syndrome feels like!
Apr 4, 2019
Businesses are suffering, conditioned by software contracts vendors to believe they have absolutely no choice but to accept audits, annual charge uplifts.
4 reasons to review your IBM legacy support contract
Apr 4, 2019
Cost, reliability, expertise and service are 4 of the main reasons many end-users of IBM hardware/software technology are reviewing IBM Legacy Support contracts
5 reasons why clients switch to Origina
Apr 4, 2019
A big part of what we advocate for Origina is the promotion of choice by campaigning against lock-in practices that dominate the software industry.
How to avoid buying more software licenses (and OEM maintenance contracts)
Mar 1, 2019
Buying extra software licenses is a short term solution to avoid failing an IBM audit – but that’s not a strategically helpful move
Your New Year’s Resolution to Cut Costs
Jan 14, 2019
Say goodbye to forced upgrades and enjoy 2019 happily supported by your promised New Year’s resolution.
As IBM sells their legacy software to HCL, how are IBM clients affected?
Dec 18, 2018
How the IBM HCL acquisition will affect IBM’s legacy clients?
Big Blue sells off Legacy
Dec 18, 2018
On December 6th, 2018, IBM announced that they are selling some of their software products to HCL for a shockingly low price of $1.8B.
Surviving a business software license audit failure
Nov 29, 2018
Eventually your business will fail an IBM audit – here's how to survive the fallout
5 BS “facts” about software audits everyone thinks are true
Nov 6, 2018
IBM audits are surrounded by myth and fabrication – here are five that you need to stop believing right now
Why software audits are the new black?
Sep 28, 2018
IBM software audits aren’t just an exercise in identifying shortfalls – they are also an important source of revenue for Big Blue
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