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Your New Year’s Resolution to Cut Costs
January 14, 2019
Say goodbye to forced upgrades and enjoy 2019 happily supported by your promised New Year’s resolution.
As IBM® sells their legacy software to HCL, how are IBM® clients affected?
December 18, 2018
How the IBM® HCL acquisition will affect IBM®’s legacy clients?
Big Blue sells off Legacy
December 18, 2018
On December 6th, 2018, IBM® announced that they are selling some of their software products to HCL for a shockingly low price of $1.8B.
Surviving a business software license audit failure
November 29, 2018
Eventually your business will fail an IBM® audit – here's how to survive the fallout
5 BS “facts” about software audits everyone thinks are true
November 6, 2018
IBM® audits are surrounded by myth and fabrication – here are five that you need to stop believing right now
Why software audits are the new black?
September 28, 2018
IBM® software audits aren’t just an exercise in identifying shortfalls – they are also an important source of revenue for Big Blue
Death, taxes and software audits
September 6, 2018
IBM® software audits are inevitable. Eventually a Big Blue bean counter will arrive on site to count your licenses – how can you prepare for their visit?
4 ways to fail an IBM® software audit
August 14, 2018
Failing an IBM® software audit is incredibly easy – here are four mistakes that you need to learn from today
Does third party support increase the risk of an audit?
August 3, 2018
Dropping IBM® support may save a lot of money – but will it trigger an IBM® audit that costs even more?
IBM® Contract Knowledge: The Difference between a SAM Guru and a SAM Rookie
July 26, 2018
Contract details are where the SAM can save their business – or make a huge mistake that makes them look like a rookie
Contract Transparency – It’s not as difficult as you think
July 20, 2018
Software contracts are notoriously hard to understand. But making sense of them is easier than you think
See you in court. Are we about to see more IBM® software licenses being challenged?
June 29, 2018
OEMs like IBM® are using ambiguous contracts to gouge their customers – but is the worm about to turn?
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