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See you in court. Are we about to see more IBM software licenses being challenged?
OEMs like IBM are using ambiguous contracts to gouge their customers – but is the worm about to turn?
Post warranty software rights – do you know what they are?
Knowing your software rights is crucial to surviving an IBM audit – and to planning your future software strategy
How to avoid buying more software licenses (and OEM maintenance contracts)
Buying extra software licenses is a short term solution to avoid failing an IBM audit – but that’s not a strategically helpful move
Does IBM’s business model even leave space for their software clients anymore?
HCL Technologies has spent nearly $1bn licensing IBM software IP – but why? And what does it mean for you?
The Modern CIO is driven by financials - so why throw away money on unnecessary support coverage?
The CIO faces pressure from the CFO and CEO to deliver value for money and deliver strategic IT projects – so why throw away cash on unnecessary support coverage?
Navigating the M&A minefield with third party IBM support
Following a corporate acquisition, discover how to make the process of merging IBM systems easier (and cheaper) following a corporate acquisition.
How can 3rd party support possibly be cheaper?
If the quality of service is roughly the same, how can IBM third party support possibly be cheaper than Big Blue?
In the era of Big Data, everything matters – including IBM legacy support
When business agility, data transformation and quality of customer service rely on speed, you need a support partner who can respond quickly.
The 6 Best Practice Pillars of a SAM Guru
So, what are these pillars, and what do they mean?
Is a lack of experience why IBM software support ‘experts’ can’t resolve your queries?
According to customers, IBM has a poor track record of resolving technical issues quickly – this is why
Origina Earns Approval from Global Industry Analysts
Delighted to hear Forrester name check our benefits, highlighting our savings of up to 50% on OEM contracts.
Why Can’t IBM Deliver the Service Software Customers Expect?
When customers first contact Origina, most are concerned they are not getting value for money spent on official IBM support contracts.
How third party software support avoids evil licensing tricks
Megavendors often employ evil tricks to keep customers locked into their maintenance contracts – but a 3rd party support provider can help.