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An e-book full of information for utility providers looking to boost capital spending, slash O&M investment, and get more value from the mainframes they rely on.

A comprehensive guide for companies that need to lower IT software maintenance spend and achieve a more proactive level of service.

Get access to the latest Gartner® Market Guide for Third-Party Software Support for Megavendors.

Infosec should be the primary focus of any modernizing tech estate – legacy software included. Instead of waiting on a patch to drop, take a tailored, targeted approach that puts your roadmap first.

Breaking free of megavendor mandates puts you back in control of your own IT estate. Get advice that keeps IT decision-makers moving in the right direction – not the one OEMs say they should.  

A call to action on the climate crisis, Origina is proud to offer “Now That You Know” free to its customers and anyone interested in learning how to build a more green corporate culture.

Fix the friction between spending and growth with our free guide, built for technology and business leaders.

This e-book takes a fresh look at current technology choices and examines ways to help ensure every decision supports your IT roadmap.

Contemplating getting rid of your legacy application in favor of a new one? You might want to hold off. The latest Gartner report, “Use Continuous Modernization to Optimize Legacy Applications,” found that it might be better to steadily upgrade legacy applications, rather than scrapping them completely.