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For enterprises that require solid, high-scale, resilient databases, DB2 has always been the technology of choice. If you’re like a lot of companies, Db2 is deep in your architecture.

The rapid shift toward cloud poses some important challenges for owners of mature Db2 implementations. Not all are suitable for a speedy migration to cloud.

Some Db2 implementations are mandated to migrate, but run into delays as interdependencies are worked out. Others are simply not suitable for cloud and need to be maintained years into the future.

This can make Db2 seem like an unusually high overhead on the IT budget over time. Not to mention that with IBM’s rapid move to cloud, support for Db2 installations is waning – and with it goes the deep expertise you need to securely migrate products to the cloud.

OEM mandated requirements to upgrade Db2 deployments in time for EoS dates can amount to significant cost and risk, which is an unwelcome message in cost-pressed IT shops.


What if you could gradually implement Db2 migration strategies while getting expert, independent IBM® support to maintain the stability of your Db2 environment – and not just that but also expert advice on how to successfully move Db2 to a next-gen architecture?

This is exactly what we do at Origina.

Origina offers a particularly skillful brand of third-party software support that dedicates a team of over 600 independent IBM® support specialists to your IT health with an eye on how to best move you forward from legacy to cloud.

This means you can take your time migrating Db2 with solid support whenever you need it. All our support experts have been working with IBM® products for at least 15 years – some even contributed to the original Db2 code – that’s right, back to the 70s!

We understand Db2’s intricacies and interoperability challenges, and can swiftly resolve any issue on any version to keep your environment stable, secure and compliant at all times.


Origina’s team doesn’t just keep your enterprise systems up and humming with 99% uptime. We get onboard with your business as a TPSM partner that understands your particular challenges and keeps a perpetual eye on your IBM® environment.

We save our customers hundreds of thousands on OEM upgrades they don’t need, provide solid advice on how to best migrate HCL® Domino® and other business-critical systems, and free up teams and budgets to focus on short-and long-term priorities.

Our customers enjoy:

  • Optimized performance of their IBM® estate – regardless of product versions
  • Proactive reviews of license entitlements that keep them in front of audits
  • Expert advice on how to manage legacy product installations and migrations
  • Single-contact support with dedicated, independent IBM® product experts
  • As much as 50% off their annual IBM® S&S spend
  • Simplified IT that sheds superfluous software and processes
  • Contractual flexibility and the freedom to do decommissions

FAQ | Db2

Gartner enthusiastically recommends third-party support for companies that want more flexibility than OEM’s provide and are trying to find ways to free up resources for modernization projects.

TPSM shifts you from relying on a single point of vendor support that may or may not deliver a security patch months later, to having a team of experts that implement an extensive system of checks and balances to greatly limit your exposure to vulnerabilities.

In fact, 80% of IT and procurement leaders who are already using TPSM say they would recommend it to their peers.

It’s actually highly likely you don’t need upgrades – unless you are certain that a particular upgrade will bring a critical new feature that will truly add value to the way the organization utilizes the application. And given the maturity of enterprise software, that’s highly unlikely.

Chances are you’ve been running on old versions with no problem for a while. In fact, over 60% of Origina customers were three or more versions behind on upgrades when they came to us.

Origina actually enhances the security and operability of your existing IBM® investments without requiring that you rush over to the cloud. Our approach is threefold:

PROTECT your existing IBM® investments with preventative actions that address possible threats and vulnerabilities or potential misconfigurations.

EXTEND the longevity and lifecycle of your IBM® estate with proactive health checks and workshops delivered by independent IBM® software product and licensing experts.

ENHANCE the performance and functionality of your architecture by using scripts, open APIs, and API hooks to bring you custom feature enhancements that don’t infringe on vendor copyrights.

And if you do choose to upgrade your IBM® products at any time while working with Origina, we don’t mind at all. We’re flexible and support you unconditionally – regardless of product, license or vendor contract.


Db2 is the badge given to the original large scale industrialized standard-setting enterprise database, along with a family of associated technologies. Its development delivered the standards under which most database structures and technologies have since been based.

Db2’s origins go back to the IBM research labs of the early 70s – and our independent Global IBM® product experts have been working with the product ever since. They understand Db2’s intricacies and interoperability challenges and have skillfully supported hundreds of companies with delicate legacy environments.

Initially, and for the first 20 years or so of its existence, Db2 was tightly bound to a strictly relational model, mandating limitations on how end-user applications of that time were designed and implemented. With the addition of object-relational features via the acquisition of Informix and its Universal engine, and later non-relational structures like JSON and XML, it evolved significantly to the point where it has retained its class-leading credentials across nearly all aspects of database technologies.

With the advent of the various technology leaps in open systems, cloud technologies, and big data, it has evolved each time to take advantage of the available processing power, and versions are now available for Z mainframes (the original version), Linux/Unix/Windows, VSE & VM, IBM cloud and AWS platforms.

“We’re getting more than we ever did with IBM! Origina help us understand and transform our digital estate, and saved us between 40 and 50 percent off our annual IBM software support and maintenance costs.”
BT is a telecommunications firm that works with Origina for third-party IBM software support.
Matt Turner
Channels & IT Transformation
ABM Procurements and Operations 500 fortune


Product Version Release Date Latest Fix Pack End of Support by IBM
Db2 Enterprise Server Edition 11.1 15 Jun 2016 10 Mar 2021 30 Apr 2022
Db2 Enterprise Server Edition 10.5 26 Jul 2013 6 Mar 2020 30 Apr 2020
Db2 Enterprise Server Edition 10.1 11 Jun 2012 28 Feb 2017 30 Sep 2017
Db2 Enterprise Server Edition 9.7 28 Aug 2009 2 Oct 2015 30 Sep 2017
Db2 Enterprise Server Edition 9.5 14 Dec 2007 20 Aug 2012 30 April 2015
Db2 Enterprise Server Edition 9.1 22 Sep 2006 11 Jul 2012 30 April 2012


Db2 has many associated packages and components – a subset are listed here: (excluding ZOS components)

  • DB2 Advanced CEO Offering
  • Db2 Advanced Edition AU Option for Non-Production Environments
  • Db2 Advanced Edition VPC Option
  • DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
  • DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature
  • DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition
  • DB2 Alphablox
  • DB2 Analytics Accelerator on Cloud
  • DB2 Anonymous Resolution
  • DB2 Anonymous Resolution
  • DB2 BLU Acceleration In-Memory Offering
  • DB2 Business Application Continuity Offering
  • DB2 Change Management Expert for Multiplatforms
  • DB2 Connect Application Server Advanced Edition
  • DB2 Connect Application Server Edition
  • DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition
  • DB2 Connect Personal Edition
  • DB2 Connect Unlimited Advanced Edition for System z
  • DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition for iSeries
  • DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition for System i
  • DB2 Content Manager for iSeries
  • DB2 Content Manager ImagePlus Workstation Program
  • DB2 Content Manager OnDemand for iSeries
  • DB2 Content Manager Standard Edition
  • DB2 Data Access Common Collector for z/OS
  • DB2 Data Warehouse Edition
  • DB2 Database Partitioning Feature
  • DB2 Developer Edition
  • DB2 Document Manager
  • DB2 Encryption Offering
  • DB2 Entity Analytic Solutions Name Manager
  • DB2 Everyplace
  • DB2 Express-C
  • DB2 Express Edition
  • DB2 Express Server Edition
  • DB2 Extended Utilities Suite for z/OS
  • DB2 Extenders for i
  • DB2 Extenders for i5/OS
  • DB2 Geodetic Data Management Feature
  • DB2 High Availability Feature for Express Edition
  • DB2 Homogeneous Federation Feature for DB2 Databases
  • DB2 Homogeneous Federation Feature for DB2 Express Edition
  • DB2 Homogeneous Federation Feature for DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
  • DB2 Identity Resolution
  • DB2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS
  • DB2 Operational Utilities
  • DB2 Performance Expert Extended Insight Feature for Linux, UNIX and
  • Windows
  • DB2 Performance Expert for Linux, UNIX and Windows
  • DB2 Performance Expert for Multiplatforms
  • DB2 Performance Expert for Workgroups
  • DB2 Performance Management Offering
  • DB2 Performance Optimization Feature for Enterprise Server Edition
  • DB2 Performance Optimization Feature for Express Edition
  • DB2 Performance Optimization Feature for Workgroup Server Edition
  • DB2 Personal Edition
  • DB2 pureScale Feature for Enterprise Server Edition
  • DB2 pureXML Feature for Enterprise Server Edition
  • DB2 pureXML Feature for Workgroup Edition
  • DB2 Query Management Facility Classic Edition
  • DB2 Query Management Facility Enterprise Edition
  • DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for IBM i
  • DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for iSeries
  • DB2 Recovery Expert for Linux, UNIX and Windows
  • DB2 Recovery Expert for Multiplatforms
  • DB2 Relationship Resolution
  • DB2 Relationship Resolution
  • DB2 Server for VSE & VM
  • DB2 SQL Skin Feature for Applications Compatible with Sybase ASE
  • Db2 Standard Edition AU Option for Non-Production Environments
  • DB2 Storage Optimization Feature
  • DB2 Table Editor for Multiplatforms
  • DB2 Table Editor for Workgroups
  • DB2 Test Database Generator for z/OS
  • DB2 Web Query for i
  • DB2 Web Query Report Broker
  • DB2 Web Query Software Development Kit
  • DB2 Web Query Tool for Multiplatforms
  • DB2 Web Query Tool for Workgroups
  • DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
  • DB2 Workgroup Server Edition 9.7 for High Performance Computing
  • DB2 Workload Management Feature for Express Edition
  • DB2 Workload Management Feature for Workgroup Server Edition
  • DB2 Merge Backup for Linux UNIX and Windows


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