Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is a Global IBM® Expert?

A Global IBM® Expert is an independent IBM software expert with at least 15 years of experience in his or her product area of choice.

Global IBM® Experts deliver Origina’s customer support. They help customers’ technical teams resolve incidents through a concierge-type model and deliver Origina’s value-added services.

Origina’s customers gain access to a team of dedicated Global IBM® Experts that are available from the start of onboarding for each IBM product that will be supported. By working closely with customers from the start, these product experts gain an intimate understanding of the environment and the goals of the technical team for the applications within the environment.

Global IBM® Experts also deliver quarterly Meet-the-Experts meetings, which serve as an opportunity for technical teams to meet with requested product specialists to discuss shifting requirements for the software, how to improve performance or tips to navigate upcoming projects like migrations. The Global IBM® Expert may be able to advise during these projects, or even provide on-site assistance if required.

To learn more about Origina’s Global IBM® Experts, visit this page.