Case Studies

More and more companies, the world over, are discovering the cost savings, contract flexibility and rapid access to IBM software support experts that Origina provide. Read about how we helped the companies below.
Dutch Health Insurance Case Study
How one of the largest Dutch health insurance company saved over 45% by switching their IBM support to Origina.
Global Car Manufacturer
How a multinational car manufacturer saved 50% by switching their support to Origina
UK Retail Group Case Study
How one of the largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom saved tens of millions off their IBM spend by switching to a third-party software support vendor
Henderson Group Case Study
Discover how Origina’s expertise on legacy IBM products saved the day.
Leading Pharmaceutical Company
How choosing third party support changed the IBM software licensing game – and saved one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies a lot of money.
Global Insurance Company
How a global insurance company saved €1m while receiving a better service when they switched their IBM support to Origina.

The Complete Guide to IBM Third Party Support & Maintenance

Software Asset Managers around the world are realising the huge savings possible and we've outlined everything you need to know in this ebook.


  • How independent third party IBM support can save you money
  • Risks associated with third party support and maintenance
  • How to minimise these risks
  • Rewards available for successfully identifying these hazards