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Case Studies

More and more companies, the world over, are discovering the cost savings, contract flexibility and rapid access to IBM® software support experts that Origina provide. Read about how we helped the companies below.
BT finds better-quality support for its custom Informix database
BT cut its Informix software support costs in half while getting better quality service.
Large Insurance Company Drops Resolution Time From Months to Two Hours
An issue that persisted for months was solved in hours after switching to Origina.
Argos Has a Stress-Free Black Friday
Quality support completely eliminates downtime for an online retailer, contributing to £220 million in savings.
Automotive Manufacturer Extends Lifecycle of Cognos
Moving its Cognos estate to Origina extended the software’s lifecycle and freed up budget for new strategic initiatives.
Dutch Health Insurance Company Gets Affordable Software Support
Finding software support costs that matched the level of service it needs generated 45% in savings.
Automobile Manufacturer Gets More Responsive Software Support
Global automobile manufacturer nets more responsive support at a lower cost for its IBM® software.
Argos Realizes Multi-Million Savings
Switching to Origina nets tens of millions in savings for Argos.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Finds Partner in Software Migration
A strategic switch to Origina helped pave the way for a smooth and financially painless cloud migration and digital transformation.
Global Insurance Provider Saves 70% on Software Support
In an effort to reduce downtime and find more responsive service, a global insurance provider saved over $1 million on its software support.

The Complete Guide to IBM Third Party Support & Maintenance

Software Asset Managers around the world are realising the huge savings possible and we've outlined everything you need to know in this ebook.


  • How independent third party IBM support can save you money
  • Risks associated with third party support and maintenance
  • How to minimise these risks
  • Rewards available for successfully identifying these hazards