Together We Can Make a Global Impact

A technology organization cannot abdicate responsibility for its IT roadmap, architecture, and evolution to any vendors, software, or service providers. There is no motivation for an OEM to change course towards a true circular economy.

We need a systems change to replace the linear economic model with a circular economy. This requires a fundamental shift in thinking to a restorative and regenerative model, which combats the invisible consequences of the tech ecosystem — wasteful software upgrades and hardware redundancy.

We look to business leaders to add your voices to the cause through policy, change, and action. To see how this approach can work for your company, reducing technical debt and removing this wasteful mindset. To help create the scale needed to take control of your digital transformation journey and encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

Our relationships with Free ICT and This Spaceship Earth further our mission as we aim to Change the Software World.



Freedom to Support, Repair, Resell

Free ICT addresses the restrictive practices undertaken by OEMs, ensuring serviceability is included as a key component of the Digital Agenda, promoting common standards for reuse and resale of equipment and software, and achieving contract transparency to protect end users against unfair business practices.

The organization’s European and U.S. arms work together to challenge forced OEM policies and outdated support models to promote an open and sustainable service and maintenance market.


This Spaceship Earth logo

Creating Planetary Crew Consciousness

Crew consciousness is the awareness that our home planet has limited space and resources. We must evolve from being passive passengers on Spaceship Earth to being active crew members. This Spaceship Earth is raising awareness, fostering sustainable practices, and driving meaningful change. They are building a way forward for a brighter, cleaner future.

Once people understand what is going on, they become part of the solution…they become active, creative and motivated crew members.


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Changing the Software World

Origina believes in the freedom of choice in the world of software, and in the world of software the freedom of choice is the right to repair. This freedom gives our customers the right to protect the security and stability of software, extend its longevity and lifecycle, and enhance its performance and functionality.

Repairing rather than replacing helps a company free up budget, take control of its IT roadmap and digital transformation initiatives, decreases its overall carbon footprint, and sets it on the path toward a greener tomorrow.

Want to be part of the change? Stay connected with us as we progress on this journey together.