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May 27, 2020
Tomás O'Leary
Tomás O'Leary
Tomás O'Leary

The rise of Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple’s iTunes has led to an explosion in popularity for podcasts. It’s no surprise that technology podcasts are a favourite among listeners, but with so many out there we’re often left with a burning question.  

What’s the best tech podcast?

We looked at what’s out there and found 10 of the top tech podcasts you can listen to in 2020, listed in no particular order:

  1. Reply All
  1. Two Irish Guys Discussing Software
  1. Pivot
  1. Upgrade
  1. a16z
  1. Exponent
  1. Ted Talks Technology
  1. The Tech Guy
  1. Track Changes
  1. Accidental Tech

Let’s talk about what makes each one unique and why they’re worth adding to your queue.

Reply All

We couldn’t talk about the top tech podcasts without mentioning Reply All. Covering the often-symbiotic relationship between technology and people, the show takes listeners down unexplored paths as it probes a range of original topics and ideas. Hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman do an excellent job putting a unique spin on many of the technology stories you’d hear about in the news.

Listen to the Reply All podcast here.

Two Irish Guys Discussing Software

IBM®, Microsoft, Oracle – not every household name in technology deserves to remain a darling. The aptly titled Two Irish Guys Discussing Software turns the discussion from blind praise to shining a light on some of the things the media doesn’t talk about when it comes to software companies. With a new industry expert on each episode, hosts Tomás O’Leary and Brendan Walsh walk through the most polarising discussions every month before turning their guests to get their take.

Listen to the Two Irish Guys Discussing Software podcast here.


Fans of the website Recode will likely already have heard of Pivot, a top tech podcast hosted by Kara Swisher, co-founder of Recode, and Scott Galloway. Those who haven’t: there’s a lot in store for you Everything having to do with technology and business is on the table on a biweekly basis, with the conversation ranging from the antics of Elon Musk to the surging digital era of science.

Listen to the Pivot podcast here.


If you’re an Apple – or consumer technology in general – fan, then you won’t want to miss Upgrade. Hosts Myke Hurley and Jason Snell take its audience through a variety of pop culture-infused segments meant to poke fun at many of the hot-topic news stories. The mix of fresh and evergreen content is available by the hundreds, with many uniquely tailored for Apple customers.

Listen to the Upgrade podcast here.


Entrepreneurs rejoice: the Andreessen Horowitz might be one of the best tech podcasts out there for you. Dubbed a16z, the venture capital firm takes an unsurprisingly industrial spin on technology and how it’s impacting the economy and society. It features a mix of different speakers from across the company, allowing for an equally variated collection of topics.

Listen to the a16z podcast here.


Exponent is another podcast that keeps tabs on the collision course between technology and society. Many who are active in the tech and business world will have heard of its host Ben Thompson, founder of the premium newsletter Stratechery, who co-hosts the show with James Allworth of the Harvard Business Review. Listeners can look forward to episodes that cover household names in the Fortune 100 and their actions in detail, but will have to look beyond Spotify to find the episodes – they’re not listed there.

Listen to the Exponent podcast here.

Ted Talks Technology

There aren’t many people out there who haven’t heard of the famous TED Talks series. And wouldn’t you know it, their Ted Talks Technology show is one of the best tech podcasts around. It dives into unique stories with headlines you won’t find in the news. Questions about data privacy, the connection between tech and psychology, as well as the role emerging technology will plays in a number of industries are top of mind in these short but informative episodes.

Listen to the Ted Talks Technology podcast here.

The Tech Guy Podcast

One of the best tech podcasts available is actually a syndicated radio show from Leo Laporte, otherwise known as The Tech Guy. Laporte has been talking technology for decades now and his show, which airs twice weekly in the US, covers all the hot topics that consumers want to hear about. From basic internet security to how you can partition a solid-state drive, there’s seemingly an episode – out of the more than 1,500 total – for everyone.

Listen to The Tech Guy Podcast here.

Accidental Tech Podcast

What happens when three friends get together to create a show about cars? In the case of the Accidental Tech Podcast, you unexpectedly end up creating one of the top tech podcasts around. Borne out of a moment of inspiration, these three developers go in-depth on many of the topics true techies know and love. It has an even mix of technical know-how and inside humor, making it one of the more unique shows in its genre.

Listen to the Accidental Tech Podcast here.

Track Changes

Technology is transforming the world – but not always in the brightest way possible. Track Changes is hosted by the management team at Postlight, a digital product studio. They know a thing or two about how tech works and they use that knowledge to look at where software applications and tech in general are going right and where they could be improved. They have a collection of over 200 episodes, featuring a variety of high-profile guests and takes on current events.

Listen to the Track Changes podcast here.

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