What is the Difference Between Software Support and Software Maintenance?

The terms software support and software maintenance are often used interchangeably. At Origina, the two represent categories which are used to differentiate between traditional vendor support and the next generation of software support.

Origina views software support as a service which keeps applications running at peak performance through regular identification and resolution of incidents. This is what IBM customers have come to know and expect when the term software support is used.

Software maintenance is the next evolution of software support. Origina’s independent Global IBM® Experts take a proactive approach to maximizing the performance, stability, security and value of customers’ IBM software through a value-rich service offering. These services are an extension to our core service – traditional software support – and can help companies discover the true return on investment their IBM products can hold.

The value-rich service offering isn’t hidden behind lock and key. Customer technical teams can take advantage of these services through the quarterly Meet-the-Experts sessions, which give them a chance to seek advice and consultation from IBM product experts. These sessions amplify the value of a true software support partner and enables Origina to assist customers in executing on their IT roadmap.

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To learn more about Origina’s software maintenance, click here.