Is It Legal to Switch to Origina for Software Support?

Switching IBM software support from IBM to Origina is safe and legal. Origina has years of experience and the backing of a panel of expert legal advisors to help companies make the switch.

Most software under the IBM® Passport Advantage is perpetually licensed. Perpetually licensed software is not time-limited. This means that the end-user can continue to use the software, even if there isn’t an active Subscription and Support (S&S) contract in place.

Our panel of legal experts, which includes top intellectual property barristers from across Europe, can assist companies in understanding their contract and the legal complexities behind switching.

For an exact answer on whether your company can switch its software support to Origina, contact us for a Feasibility Assessment. Our Feasibility Assessment will evaluate which software is eligible for third-party software support as well as provide an estimate of the annual savings that could be realized by switching to Origina.

Discover the value in switching to third-party software support here with a Feasibility Assessment.