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Knowledge Centre

We believe in openness and transparency and simply telling it as it is. Feel free to download anything of interest below.


2021 Outlook: Fund Innovation Without Impacting IT Operations

Register for our free webinar to learn how to cut costs and stay competitive in 2021.

Forrester Research: Where to Adjust Tech Budgets in the Pandemic Recession

Get your complimentary Forrester Research report on where to find IT budget savings and how to secure them during the pandemic recession.

How Origina Protects IBM® Passport Advantage Software from Security Risks

Register for our free webinar to learn how Origina's layered approach to protecting IBM® software reduces mitigates vulnerability to security risks.

Latest Trends on Middleware Support in the Retail Sector

Using IBM's MQ as an example, we'll show you how an efficient software support strategy will help you avoid costly upgrade projects, extend the lifecycle of your software and fund new initiatives across the business.

Vendor negotiations and minimizing software costs

Understand how to handle Vendor negotiations at this difficult time, while using available tools to become that savvy CIO within your organization!

Stop the Block - How to get complete stakeholder buy in

You’re ready to switch to Origina, but what about the rest of the stakeholders in your company?

Top 10 tips to get a better result from an IBM Audit

By the end of this webinar, you will have actionable tips that should help you to be better prepared for an IBM audit or ELA renewal.

IBM licensee? Know your rights and entitlements

By the end of his webinar, you should understand your software rights so you can maximize your IBM software estate and minimize your audit risk.

The Complete Guide to IBM Third Party Support & Maintenance

Know on this Guide how you can reduce your software support contract costs up to 50% with Origina - IBM Third Party Support & Maintenance.

IBM sells their legacy software to HCL, how are IBM clients affected?

The selected products include Appscan, BigFix, Unica, Commerce, Portal, Lotus Notes & Domino and Connections.

Achieving 2020 vision with your IT strategy

A discussion on the latest trends that will impact IT strategies for 2020

Market Guide Evaluation

A walk-through discussion of Gartner's 1st ever Market Guide for Independent Third-Party Maintenance for IBM, Oracle, and SAP Software.

Find Out How Much You Can Save With Origina

Our clients save on average 50% off their annual IBM Software Support costs.
Calculate how much you can save with our feasibility assessment in 3 easy steps.

Case Studies

BT finds better-quality support for its custom Informix database

BT cut its Informix software support costs in half while getting better quality service.

Large Insurance Company Drops Resolution Time From Months to Two Hours

An issue that persisted for months was solved in hours after switching to Origina.

Argos Has a Stress-Free Black Friday

Quality support completely eliminates downtime for an online retailer, contributing to £220 million in savings.

What our clients say about us

"We’re getting more than we ever did with IBM! They help us understand and transform our estate and saved us between 40% and 50% off our annual IBM software maintenance costs.."

Matt Turner, Channels & IT Transformation, BT

“We did indeed have a problem yesterday right in the middle of (and directly related to) the go-live of our new warehouse. We really appreciate Origina’s great response to the call and access to expertise which sorted the problem. Things calmed down massively after that."

Danny Hutchinson, Head of IT, Henderson Group

"Origina…help users of some IBM enterprise software products (such as Websphere and Tivoli) make savings of up to 50% per annum on their maintenance fees. In addition, by delaying or even removing the need in some circumstances for forced upgrades Origina say the savings can soar to 90%."

Mark Bartrick, Principal Consultant, Forrester


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November 9, 2018
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November 9, 2018
Origina’s Rudi at the SAM Circle in Austria
November 9, 2018