Migrate to IBM Alternatives with Confidence

Gain the contractual flexibility for a stress-free IBM exit strategy and savings to fund the project.

Why Work With Origina?

IBM’s complex contracts and costly services may make it difficult to migrate to other software platforms on your own timeline. Origina’s third-party IBM software support offers a flexible contract, project assistance from product experts, and on average up to 50% in annual savings.

Migrate At Your Speed

Flexible contracts to suit your timelines.

Get Product Expertise

Project assistance from experienced engineers.

Savings to Fund Migration

Use significant savings to pay for the project.

Gartner's 2020 Market Guide for Independent Third-Party Support for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP software delivers valuable analyst insights on the savings and value third-party software support providers like Origina offer.


Learn more about Origina and the third-party support sector from Gartner’s Market Guide to Independent Third-Party Support for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.