New Features Enhance Cybersecurity Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0

Tailored environmental metrics increase customized experience.

Effective software cybersecurity is on the mind of every IT professional across the globe. In fact, cyber incidents rank as the number one risk to business on the 2024 Allianz Risk Barometer by a clear margin of five percentage points ahead of the next entry — supply chain and other business disruptions.

Cybercrime affects every business no matter what size or industry. IT network and service disruptions, data breeches, and malware/ransomware are the “top company concerns across a wide range of industries, including consumer goods, financial services, government, public sector, healthcare, leisure and tourism, media, professional services, technology, and telecommunications,” according to the report.

And while AI can bring many opportunities and benefits to companies, it also can bring more risk.

“Threat actors are already using AI-powered language models like ChatGPT to write code,” the Allianz report states. “Generative AI can help less proficient threat actors create new strains and variations on existing ransomware, potentially increasing the number of attacks they can execute.”

While there is no silver bullet fix that will magically protect you from all cyberthreats, these increased risks demand a security risk management program that can respond quickly to new security intelligence and leverages existing resources to keep systems safe.

Last year, we introduced the Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0, which displays timely, actionable intelligence for faster security remediation efforts. This portal identifies and compares security risks associated with supported IBM products. Informed by threat intelligence and expert product knowledge, the tool enables customers to effectively allocate minimum resources to achieve maximum results.

This year, Origina is rolling out an enhanced feature to the Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0 that enables customers to further customize their specific security needs by inputting their unique environmental details directly into the VA Portal.

Customized environmental metrics

Environmental metrics allow customers to tailor their own unique context by identifying the importance of an IT asset to their organization based on factors including existing security controls, confidentiality, integrity, and availability. These criteria are adapted from base metrics and assigned values derived from that asset’s position within the organizational infrastructure.

Some examples of the unique environmental details that customers can now input directly into the VA Portal 2.0 include:

  • Confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirement. These metrics enable customizing a software solution depending on the importance of that affected asset to the analyst’s organization.
  • Exploitability metrics. These parameters reflect the ease and technical means by which a vulnerability can be exploited.
  • Impact metrics. These factors illustrate the direct consequence of a successful exploit and represent the level of consequence that could occur.

By assessing the potential impact of actions beforehand and knowing where to focus limited resources, customers can save time, as well as increase the all-important steps necessary to protect their assets from known cyberthreats.

“We’ve listened to our customers and have delivered new functionality to our Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0 that further tailors the security portal to our customers’ needs,” says Ben Lipczynski, Origina’s Head of Security Services. “We are always listening to current and potential customers to enhance our services, reduce any friction they might encounter, and enable them to maximize their investments to fit their business requirements.”

Software Cybersecurity Management

Accessible 24/7/365, the Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0 also:

  • Identifies security risks associated with supported products and visually prioritizes vulnerabilities with the highest risk
  • Alerts customers to critical cybersecurity risks and mitigation actions as they develop
  • Assures data accuracy by displaying timely, actionable intelligence through integration with Origina partner, Sec Alliance
  • Increases customer connectivity and collaboration to help keep systems safe

It is imperative for organizations to employ a maintainable software cybersecurity management program that responds quickly to new intelligence and is aligned with their comfortable level of risk. Our digital world requires IT decision-makers to have a comprehensive understanding of the threat environment in which they operate where they can fully understand and monitor the effectiveness of their defensive actions.

When it comes to your security, it’s more about taking a multilayered proactive approach and establishing a baseline for the risk you are prepared to accept within your company. Remember, while there is no such thing as zero risk — breaches can still occur — there are many ways to mitigate it and reduce the likelihood of falling victim to malicious actors.

Want to learn more? Watch the Origina Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0 video here.


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