Ben Lipczynski

Head of Global Security Services

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Get to know Ben’s favorite:


“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”

— Sun Tzu, The Art of War

I’m a keen believer in preparation and intelligence — not entering a situation without considering potential outcomes, actions, and your responses.

Influential Person

Anatoli Boukreev – not only an accomplished mountaineer but also for his resilience and determination in rescuing three climbers above 8000 meters in a storm. 


I enjoy mountaineering and climbing, as well as beach holidays with the family.

An interview with our hiring manager

What was your first job?

I was a paper boy on Sunday rounds. This taught me discipline, commitment, and resilience getting through the weather and enduring the sheer weight of the Sunday papers (so many supplements!) every week.


What’s a fun fact that you’d like to share?

I once competed in the Henly Royal Regatta as a stroke in a Coxed Rowing Eight.


What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy the outdoors, both extreme and sedate, as well as many forms of motor racing. I also like building LEGO® sets with my boys.


How is Origina different from any other company you have worked for in the past?

I have worked for and led many different types of teams in numerous environments, each with their good and bad elements. While Origina might not be an “extreme” environment, it is one of the best teams I have worked in because of the people. Origina team members are open, friendly, resilient, innovative, and embody the key components of trust and communication.


What does a typical day look like in Security Services at Origina?

Being Head of Origina Global Security Services, I can honestly say there is no typical day. There are many moving parts — some predictable, others you must react to as they occur. I am accountable for the Origina Security Services team making sure they meet our customers’ requirements to the highest standards and without putting our customers or Origina at risk. This can include supporting sales in addressing customer’s fears, responding to customer technical, risk, or regulatory questions, or leading an incident response. I am also part of the Service Innovation team, which involves me collaborating across the entire firm to ensure Origina is equipped to respond to customer requirements and needs efficiently, effectively, and safely.


What interview tips would you have for someone applying for a Security Sales Engineer role with Origina?

Make sure you answer the “So What?” question on your application and CV, as well as in your interview. Knowing qualifications and time in roles/positions is helpful, but understanding the impact you made and how you contributed to the objective is key. What was the outcome? What did you try? Did it work? And if not, what lessons did you learn and how did you apply those lessons next time? That information tells me far more about a candidate and helps me as a hiring manager to determine if the applicant is a fit for the role and if the role is right for them.

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