Origina Partners With SecAlliance To Provide Enhanced Threat Environment Analysis

Alliance allows increased security for IBM third-party software maintenance that goes beyond the standard security patch.

DUBLIN — November 16, 2022 — Origina, the leader in third-party software maintenance and support, has partnered with SecAlliance, provider of world-class intelligence services and actionable solutions for businesses, organizations, and agencies around the globe, to expand Origina’s service offerings to include enhanced proactive cybersecurity protection for IBM® software products.

Working with SecAlliance gives Origina deeper insight into security threat intelligence through a combination of machine-driven intelligence and analysts monitoring dark web activity, verifying and flagging potential threats before they occur. Once SecAlliance validates a potential vulnerability, a collaboration between Origina’s security team and its global independent experts addresses that vulnerability and supplies targeted solutions to proactively mitigate the threat. This detailed threat intelligence allows Origina to respond quickly with targeted solutions to ensure customers’ IBM® software products are protected.

“Through this partnership, Origina provides deep insight into the contextual threat environment and offers customers a single point of access to threat intelligence and technical mitigation,” says Ben Lipczynski, Head of Security Services at Origina. “This service is available to support IBM and divested products regardless of version, custom code, or configuration. We can apply specific context for customers’ operational, business, and threat environments and address potential security risks.”

“At SecAlliance, we focus on making, ‘intelligence human.’ With Origina’s deep technical knowledge of IBM products and SecAlliance’s understanding of how technologies are targeted and exploited by threat actors, we will be able to deliver clear, tangible, and actionable insights on detection and mitigation advice not available anywhere else,” explains Rob Dartnall, CEO at SecAlliance.

“This is an important milestone in the evolution of Origina and cements our position as an innovative leader in the third-party maintenance and support industry. Over the years, we have listened to our customers concerns and responded by building a comprehensive security offering to ensure our customers’ IBM software products are protected against new and emerging security threats,” says Rowan O’Donoghue, Origina’s Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. “SecAlliance is truly a best-in-class organization. They are a highly trusted company and provide security analysis to countries, nation states, and police departments. They align nicely with our core values, and we very much look forward to our partnership.”

Origina with SecAlliance team in London office announcing new partnership


Origina is a global provider of third-party IBM software support and maintenance that Gartner consistently recognizes as a cost-intelligent alternative to traditional software megavendors. Its team of 600+ global independent IBM product experts work proactively to protect, extend, and enhance all versions of IBM and HCL Passport Advantage software on open systems and mainframes. Visit to learn more.

Origina Press Contact:

Jennifer Bellemare
[email protected]


SecAlliance delivers cyber threat intelligence products and services to banks, central banks, financial market infrastructures, governmental and EU agencies, international organizations, and critical national infrastructure operators (telco, power grid, transport). SecAlliance helps these organizations and their ecosystems to strengthen their cyber resilience and make the right decisions.

SecAlliance creates awareness by delivering threat intelligence monitoring, assessments, training, and advisory. It facilitates collaboration by supporting the establishment and operation of threat intelligence sharing communities.

As Europe’s leading threat intelligence provider, SecAlliance is driven by a commitment to quality and doing the right thing; firmly based in Europe but with global reach and presence.

SecAlliance Press Contact:

Allie Andrews
[email protected]


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