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The Feasibility Assessment is the beginning of your journey with Origina. In exchange for your IBM® Entitlements Report, Origina provides a free, no-commitment initial quote on how much you might save by making the switch.

    Software Support That Works For You

    Origina's Global IBM® Experts help companies and technical teams unlock the true potential of IBM software by leveraging and maximizing all of its capabilities.

    Unlock Powerful Savings

    Third-party software support for IBM immediately reduces fixed annual costs, saving companies 50 percent on average.

    Get Quality Service

    Dedicated IBM product experts deliver personalized service and resolve issues at a rapid pace.

    Extract More Value

    Innovative software maintenance tactics greatly extend the lifecycle and longevity of IBM software.

    Forrester Research Find CIOs Embrace Benefits of TPSM

    According to Forrester Research, 85 percent of businesses believe third-party software support and maintenance providers like Origina offer good service.

    85% of businesses believe TPSMs
    offer good service

    According to Forrester Research, 80 percent of companies already use a third-party support and maintenance provider like Origina.

    4 in every 5 companies use a combination of TPSMs and OEMs for software support

    According to Forrester Research, 82 percent of companies feel they get good value from third-party support and maintenance providers like Origina.

    82% of organizations feel TPSMs
    offer good value