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Can Origina Help Me?

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What service does Origina offer?

Origina is the first company to offer truly independent software maintenance for IBM perpetually licensed software products that are sold or renewed under the IBM International Passport Advantage Agreement (IPAA).

Is your service suitable for my company?

All Origina customers have IBM software that was sold or renewed under the IBM IPAA. If you have an IBM Passport Advantage Agreement then its highly probable Origina can help you reduce your annual IBM software costs by 50%, on average. If you are also planning to phase this software out, move to the Cloud or just need a better service than IBM, then Origina’s service could be just the job for you.

Can Origina provide support in my country?

Yes, Origina provides global coverage.

Can Origina help if we have already paid IBM S&S but the product(s) version(s) are End-of-Support (EoS)?

Yes, Origina’s service can still help since we support all versions no matter how old and in this case it can be complementary to IBM S&S.

Who do Origina currently provide this service to and can we contact these references?

Yes. Our client list includes many Fortune500, FTSE100 and large Public Sector organisations, many of whom are referable. Indeed, we have a number of case studies we can provide you with, and at the appropriate stage, we can introduce you to these clients and/or other appropriate client references.

Comparing Origina’s support to IBM’s

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What is IBM Software Subscription & Support (S&S)?

IBM S&S is the support/maintenance contract that is associated with IBM perpetually licensed software sold by IBM (or IBM Business Partner) through the Passport Advantage programme. IBM clients will have an annual renewal date(s) that S&S renews on. Often mistakenly known as a license renewal, S&S is not obligatory and, under the correct circumstances, the renewal (and all associated annual costs) can be avoided or, with Origina’s help, reduced by 50%.

How does Origina’s service compare to IBM software support and subscription (S&S)?

Origina’s service leverages the existing entitlements that IBM software asset owners have already paid for and compliments this with a lower cost, better quality and more responsive service.

Can we break out a subset of our products to test Origina’s capability prior to moving the full inventory?

Yes of course - you can choose which products are MOST suitable to move to Origina prior to your next IBM renewal. Which products you choose to move to Origina may depend on a number of factors, but most typically: products that you do not wish to upgrade on a continual basis; products that are EOS with IBM; or where there is a plan to migrate to a new solution.

Does Origina have expertise for all of IBM’s products?

Origina’s technical team has wide-ranging subject matter expertise across the majority of IBM’s perpetually licensed software products, we restrict our support to those products transacted under IBM Passport Advantage Programme.

Does Origina sub-contract or use IBM for the delivery of any of their service?

Origina’s service is completely independent of IBM.

Is it possible to add additional IBM products to the support contract?

Yes, absolutely.

Is upgrade support included in the Origina service?

The standard Origina support service provides remote (phone/email) advice and guidance, and access to experts to ask questions and get pointers. However, for any upgrade project where a client is seeking our support then a separate Statement of Work would be agreed defining the objectives, work practices, timescales, schedule, rollback plan and commercials.

The Origina experience!

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How long does the process take for a customer moving to Origina?

This depends entirely on the number of products targeted to transition however the process always starts with a Feasibility Assessment where we validate if the products can be transitioned, the cost benefits and evaluate any obvious risks. This process can take a number of weeks but once completed, contracts and on-boarding will usually take another 3-4 weeks.

Are there any costs for the Feasibility Assessment?

No, this engagement is Free of Charge. Our team are happy to provide advice on your IBM software environment, and guide you through the simple process of switching to Origina.

What about service standards?

At Origina, we purely specialise in IBM software products; placing a heavy emphasis on sourcing Subject Matter Experts with years of design, implementation and support experience. Many of these experts are in fact ex-IBM engineers. We provide global coverage and have a standard 30-minute response time for all support tickets raised. Our support model involves assigning dedicated Level 1 and Level 2 technical resources against each client account – providing an intimate support model and allowing us to provide a faster turnaround when you need our support the most.

Are Origina the only company in the world that does this?

Origina are part of a rapidly expanding Third Party Maintenance market that includes companies such as Rimini Street, Alui, Spinnaker, Support Revolution and others. Many of the top industry analysts (etc.) have been writing about the rapid emergence of a secondary software market, including a viable Third Party Maintenance industry in which we are a leading international player.

How can Origina support so many IBM software products?

Origina’s business model uses a flexible workforce model underpinned by a unique platform containing all publicly available information relating to IBM software, managed through a global support desk.

How is it possible for Origina to save an average of 50% of my current costs?

IBM’s S&S service includes both a service and an entitlement to versions, upgrades etc. Origina’s Feasibility Assessment provides clarity of what entitlements IBM customers need (based on licences, usage and plans) and, once established, this entitlement cost can be eliminated leaving only the service. On average, Origina’s service reduces IBM’s S&S costs by 50%.

If I don’t renew my IBM S&S agreement are IBM more likely to audit me?

Origina’s customers are no more or no less likely to be audited by IBM than any other software user. From Origina’s experience IBM audits will happen to all IBM clients. It’s just a matter of time.

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