The Challenge of Driving Innovation Under Pressure of Inflation

How do you optimize technology and foster innovation while also reducing costs? 

Software is playing an ever-increasing role in delivering quality customer experiences in both the B2C and B2B sectors. With the expanding array of digital products and the Internet of Things, the software-is-the-brand world has companies rethinking how they develop and manage digital assets.  

Juxtaposed with this digital expansion is rising inflation, shifting supply chains, and mandates to lower those same technology costs that fuel this necessary innovation. 

Our webinar “Taming Inflation While Driving the Innovation Agenda” discusses how CIOs and IT decision-makers can make both of these seemingly incongruous scenarios work, offering cost-effective, real-world strategies for thriving in the software-is-the-brand world from premier guest speaker John C. McCarthy.  

A former Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, John C. McCarthy has more than 30 years in predicting the business impact of technology and covering topics like the future of IT services and digital transformation. He has worked with leading companies and governments around the world to define their digital transformation policies, including systems of engagement, vendor management, and IT strategies. 

Listen as John McCarthy and Hari Candadai, Origina SVP Global Marketing and Thought Leadership, discuss: 

  • Practical strategies for excelling in a software-is-the-brand world.
  • The changing role of software in defining brand experience.
  • How organizations can develop products differently in a digital-first world.

WATCH “Taming Inflation While Driving the Innovation Agenda” now.


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