Removing the Fear of Cybersecurity Risk: Origina’s Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0

New tool delivers the latest in security protection for IBM software solutions.

Cybersecurity is the number one risk that businesses face.

And while overall security capabilities and awareness seem to be improving, “unfortunately the threat and sophistication of cyberattackers are matching that progress,” according to Chuck Brooks in Forbes.

Every organization, large or small, is potentially at risk for a cybersecurity breach. Many companies believe staying with an OEM to have access to its patches is all they need to do to keep them secure and compliant. 

But effective cybersecurity protection requires far more.

While there is no silver bullet fix that will magically protect you from all cyberthreats, it’s clear what this situation calls for is a security risk management program that can respond quickly to new security intelligence and leverages existing resources to keep systems safe. Companies must be empowered with the information necessary to protect their systems effectively and ensure their digital assets are secure.

Introducing Origina’s Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0

Featuring the latest in cybersecurity technology, the Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0 quickly displays timely, actionable intelligence for faster security remediation efforts. With one click, customers can navigate to enhanced information and technical mitigation actions only available with Origina.

The portal identifies and compares security risks associated with supported IBM products. Informed by threat intelligence and expert product knowledge, the tool enables customers to effectively allocate minimum resources to achieve maximum results.

“The new Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0 is another example of how Origina is changing the software world,” says Origina Head of Security Services Ben Lipczynski. “Its advanced intelligence and unique insights enable our customers to secure their products in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.” 

Accessible 24/7/365, the Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0: 

  • Identifies security risks associated with supported products and visually prioritizes vulnerabilities with the highest risk
  • Alerts customers to critical cybersecurity risks and mitigation actions as they develop
  • Assures data accuracy by displaying timely, actionable intelligence through integration with Origina partner, SecAlliance
  • Enhances the ability to quickly raise a ticket
  • Increases customer connectivity and collaboration to help keep systems safe

Along with achieving a faster time from intelligence to vulnerability advisory, the VA Portal 2.0 also includes incident response communications and monthly customer update emails.

“This tool illustrates Origina’s continued commitment to innovation,” says Rowan O’Donoghue, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Origina. “With its combination of security and tech communication, the Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0 delivers a level of cybersecurity protection that is unsurpassed in the third-party software maintenance field.” 

Want to see Origina’s VA Portal for yourself?

Take a look at the Vulnerability Advisory Portal 2.0 video that contains a brief overview and a walk-through tutorial.  

Want more information on increasing your cybersecurity resiliency? Contact the experts at Origina today.

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