Forrester: CIOs Embracing Benefits of Third-Party Support

Companies across every industry are constantly looking for the next competitive edge. A recent study suggests many are finding it within their software support. 

A Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Origina found that CIOs are embracing the benefits of third-party support and maintenance. The study can be accessed here.

Companies Buying into Benefits of Third-Party Support 

One of the surprising findings from the study was the widespread adoption of third-party support among large enterprises. Forrester’s study found nearly four in every five respondents used a combination of third-party maintenance and vendor-supplied support for their software environment. 

In contrast to that, only 14 percent of respondents relied solely on OEMs for their software support needs. It’s not only a sign of the shift in perception of third-party support as a reliable business partner, but a signal that companies don’t believe all their needs can be met by relying solely on the vendor. 

The potential value that third-party support can bring – apart from its ability to maintain enterprise software – is one of the reasons behind its uptick in adoption. In fact, Forrester’s study found that virtually all (98 percent) of respondents expect to benefit from third-party maintenance.  

Forrester found that the top five benefits of switching to third-party support include: 

  • Faster response and resolution times 
  • Higher operational efficiency 
  • Personalized customer service 
  • Better technical expertise 
  • Affordable software maintenance costs 

With a viable alternative to OEMs for software support, companies are now reaping the rewards. The trend doesn’t seem to be pulling back any time soon either. 

Forrester’s study found that 41 percent of businesses using both support providers preferred their third-party maintenance partner. Unsurprisingly, eight in every 10 procurement leaders using third-party support were likely to recommend it to their peers. 

Empower your Business with Third-Party Support 

Forrester Consulting’s study revealed that enterprises across the world no longer feel bound to the vendor for software support. They’re now understanding that independent providers can offer a similar – if not better – quality of service, while also lowering costs and maximizing the return on investment for the software products. 

The benefits of third-party support are helping companies find a competitive edge and fund innovative projects to push their IT roadmap and business plan forward. At Origina, an independent provider of third-party software support for IBM, these benefits include: 

  • Average annual savings of 50 percent on IBM® Subscription and Support (S&S). 
  • Dedicated independent Global IBM® Expert to provide intimate customer service. 
  • Value-added services to extend the lifecycle, protect the security, and enhance the functionality of IBM software products. 

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