Empower 2024: A Virtual Event for ITAM, Procurement, SAM, and IT Pros

Join us as we challenge norms of software OEMs to steer beyond familiar IT shores toward a path of long-term success.

Calling all IT trailblazers and visionaries!

Our annual flagship virtual event, Empower 2024 – Shatter the Status Quo, is headed back to a screen near you on Thursday, June 13, at 2 p.m. GMT+1 (9 a.m. EDT.) Every year, Origina gathers a panel of experts from across the globe to share their ideas and experiences navigating through the ever-changing waters of the current IT landscape.

Here’s a peek at some of the sessions.

Who controls your company’s roadmap?

Large software vendors like IBM are always looking for ways to exert more influence over your IT roadmap, and the practice of auditing existing customers for licensing noncompliance has become a billion-dollar industry unto itself. By looking past the limited options vendors provide and doing everything possible to mitigate the trickier aspects of policies and licensing terms, your business can finally gain autonomy from vendor-driven paths.

  • In “Empowering Business-Led IT Roadmaps: Shifting from Vendor Directives,” the first stop of our virtual event, Origina Chief Revenue Officer Brendan Walsh dives into the art of creating robust IT roadmaps that are driven by your business’s unique vision, not vendor policies and upgrade tracks.
  • “Navigating IBM Licensing: Complexities and Policies,” features Origina’s General Counsel, Chief Risk Officer, and Data Protection Officer Guy Tritton, a renowned IP barrister with years of experience mitigating complex IBM® software licensing challenges. Get answers for your toughest software licensing and audit questions while learning how to safeguard your organization’s interests.

Secure Your IT Portfolio and Strive for Sustainability

Securing trusted on-premises software isn’t as simple as a patch, despite what large vendors would have you believe. And while we’re dispelling misconceptions: Did you know you can usually keep your software (and the hardware it runs on) far longer than the vendors say?

  • “Securing IBM Software: Balancing Legal and Technical Demands” provides real-world examples of how to navigate technical and legal challenges while also keeping compliant with international trade regulations from Origina Head of Security Services Ben Lipczynski, a global expert with a reputation for delivering major security wins.
  • In “Cultivating Growth: Regeneration Through Tech Ownership and Maintenance,” Origina CEO and Founder Tomás O’Leary invites a crew of sustainability experts to talk about the benefits – both financial and environmental – of optimizing the technology you have. Your company doesn’t just save a lot of money when it decides to stick with its current IT portfolio instead of upgrading. It also vastly reduces how much your IT operation contributes to e-waste, the world’s fastest-growing waste stream.

Breaking Down Common Myths

Third-party software maintenance (TPSM) allows companies to keep their existing software supported, stable, and highly functional for as long as they want.

  • “Going Beyond the Myths: Third-Party Software Maintenance for IBM Estates,” centers on eliminating TPSM myths and focusing on the facts. Hosted by Origina Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder Rowan O’Donoghue, this session will cover several common misconceptions that keep companies from making the most of their current software.

Mark your calendar for June 13

Empower is our biggest virtual event of the year, and Shatter the Status Quo: A Compass for IT Success is built from the ground up for anyone working in tech. Don’t miss this chance to arm yourself with the tools and insights necessary to navigate confidently through today’s intricate IT landscape. Register for a spot today.


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