How do we do it?

The Origina software maintenance service proposition is predicated on 4 basic facts:

Mature products


Over charging

Low value service

  • A major proportion of the IBM® non-mainframe software product set is regarded as mature and nearing end of life (sunset or twilight products). These products receive little or no development with infrequent patch releases. IBM’s strategy in this instance is to remove support, forcing customers to upgrade to their latest offering. These products still work perfectly well, and so, while many businesses have no obvious rationale to move away from them, they still need the comfort that support is available, as and when it’s needed.
  • As a result of the product maturity and minimal development IBM® has been shedding the resources that developed and supported these products. These skilled people have formed themselves into a connected ecosystem that IBM® now draws upon to deliver remedial support, when required.
  • IBM® continues to charge full Passport Advantage Support and Subscription (S&S)fees for their sunset products. Additionally, IBM® charges an extra fee (extended support) for older software versions
  • Many organisations find IBM’s ‘one size fits all’ S&S model inappropriate for their needs and frequently have an unsatisfactory experience when calling for support.