Origina Debuts New VMware® Software Maintenance and Support Program

VMware customers now have the choice to avoid forced migration to subscription licensing.


DUBLIN — June 13, 2024 — Origina, the global leader of independent IBM® and HCL® software maintenance and support, announces the launch of its VMware® maintenance and support program today. The new offering will be discussed during the company’s flagship virtual event “Empower 2024 — Shattering the Status Quo: A Compass for IT Success.”

“Expanding our service offering to include VMware support is a natural progression for Origina and builds on the proven service we have delivered over the last decade for IBM enterprise software,” said Rowan O’Donoghue, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “Our specialized, expert maintenance and support enables VMware users to avoid premature obsolescence of their VMware software investments by providing world-class support, thus removing the pressure of migrating to costly subscription licensing.”

Origina’s new VMware maintenance and support program offers solutions tailored to the diverse needs of VMware customers by addressing four key scenarios:

1. Transition to hybrid licensing. Customers planning to transition portions of their VMware estates to Broadcom subscription licensing will benefit from a comprehensive review of their VMware product portfolios. Origina will assist in right-sizing the scope of the transition to mitigate the impact of exponential cost increases while providing full support for the remaining perpetual licenses.

2. Uncertain virtualization roadmaps. For customers who are unclear about their future virtualization plans, Origina’s consultants will provide expert guidance to define a new platform strategy. This could include consolidation, a lift-and-shift to a new vendor, a hybrid cloud model, or maintaining the current setup. Origina’s support will ensure that existing VMware perpetual software versions remain secure and stable throughout this strategic transition.

3. Defined new virtualization strategy. Customers who have already established their new virtualization strategy can leverage Origina’s expert technical advocacy, consultant, and seamless migration services. Our independent software maintenance and support offers comprehensive defect and vulnerability management, ensuring stability and security of the VMware platform during the transition.

4. Exploring private cloud solutions and managed services. To address concerns that similar unfair tactics by software vendors, like those experienced with Broadcom, could occur again in the future, some customers are seeking autonomy over their software roadmaps. Origina can offer a private-cloud solution in co-location data centers with an open-based virtualized platform. This provides cost savings and enhanced security compared to existing VMware implementations. Our managed services will ensure ongoing stability and security during and after the migration process.

Security Is a Top Priority

Given that cyber incidents rank as the number-one risk to business, Origina’s prioritizes security. The VMware maintenance and support program includes a comprehensive security vulnerability management service, regardless of what version the customer is currently running.

“We monitor VMware customer threat environments and provide tailored technical solutions to meet their security needs,” said Origina Head of Security Services Ben Lipczynski. “Our security team collaborates with customers to prioritize risk and mitigation actions, leveraging up-to-date threat intelligence from SecAlliance to provide a multilayered, in-depth approach to vulnerabilities.”

Empowering VMware Customers

Origina’s expanded support options offer VMware customers flexibility in managing their IT environments post-Broadcom acquisition. Customers can decide which products to keep with Broadcom, transition to new services, or have their current environment supported by Origina’s team.

“We will support customers through their VMware transitions, ensuring their plans align with their IT environments,” added O’Donoghue. “This marks the beginning of Origina’s diversification strategy, aimed at delivering greater value across the entire enterprise software estate.”

For more information about Origina’s VMware maintenance and support program, click here


Origina is a global independent software maintenance vendor for IBM®, HCL®, and VMware®. Our dedicated team of 600+ independent product experts is passionate about championing end-user rights and unlocking value for our customers. We work proactively to protect, extend, and enhance all versions of IBM® and HCL® Passport Advantage and VMware® software, providing a cost-intelligent alternative to traditional software vendor support. Visit to learn more. 

Origina Press Contact:
Jennifer Bellemare


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