An issue that persisted for months was solved in hours after switching to Origina.


In December 2019, an insurance company raised a ticket with IBM over its IBM® Security Access Manager (ISAM) application. The Security Directory Server (SDS) was giving a common error message: “DSA is unwilling to perform.”

IBM told the company’s Identity Access Management (IAM) team that applying the latest Fix Pack would resolve the issue. The insurance company, unable to upgrade its SDS at the time due to a holiday freeze on projects, marked the ticket as resolved.

When it did apply the Fix Pack though, it found that upgrading versions had no impact on the issue. The problem persisted until the company switched to Origina a few months later.


As one of the largest insurance providers in Sweden, the company provides a range of products for its customers. Its digital estate contains a number of IBM applications.
IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM)


Case Studies The SolutionResolving a ticket doesn’t always mean the issue is resolved too. The insurance company waited until it switched from IBM as its software support provider to raise a ticket for the issue once again in late February 2020 – this time with Origina’s support team.

After initial fact-finding, one of Origina’s independent Global IBM Experts was able to identify the solution: the client needed to make a simple configuration change.

One of protocols in the ISAM – ibm-slapdPagedResLmt, which allows users to search for data within the organization – had been set to 3 by default. The default setting of the protocol is a safeguard that’s in place to ensure the system isn’t overloaded by requests from users.

Origina suggested changing the configuration from 3 to 6 to enable the system to handle the large volume of requests that were coming through, given the size of the insurance company.

The problem was immediately resolved after making the configuration change.


The insurance company’s issue had gone unresolved for months. In fact, IBM’s solution – to apply a Fix Pack – would never have solved the problem to begin with, as the issue was with the configuration settings and not a glitch or bug.

After raising the ticket with Origina, a Global IBM Expert was able to identify and provide a solution for the issue in just two hours.

The ISAM ran perfectly after the configuration settings were changed. The insurance company’s IAM team was able to tackle other projects at hand with the SDS now running smoothly.

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