In an effort to reduce downtime and find more responsive service, a global insurance provider saved over $1 million on its software support.


Despite spending hundreds of thousands every year on its software support for IBM® Infosphere and IBM® WebSphere, the global insurance company felt it wasn’t getting enough value for it.

The vendor’s solution for many of the tickets that were lodged was to upgrade the software – a costly and time-consuming exercise. It led to lengthy ticket resolution times, with a ticket staying open for half a year at one point.

Ahead of its contract renewal, the group’s Head of IT sought a solution that made the company feel more like a customer than just an account number.



A workforce of over 170,000 supports a clientele in the hundreds of millions at this global insurance company. With operations in over 60 countries, it provides an array of insurance products for consumers.

IBM Infosphere IBM WebSphere


Case Studies The SolutionThe global insurance provider turned to Origina to gain a better understanding of how third-party software support works. The most compelling argument it found in favor of making the switch was the bespoke service it would get with Origina, as well as the cost savings.

Origina’s onboarding team and support specialists helped the global insurance provider download all its software entitlements that it had perpetual licenses for, as well as the Fix Packs for those versions. As a result, the group was able to retain most of the technological capability it would have under a software support contract with the vendor.


The switch to Origina was like night and day for the global insurance provider. It found much more value in the software support service that Origina provided, which included a dedicated relationship manager, quarterly service updates and Meet-the-Expert sessions, where its technical team could ask independent Global IBM Experts questions or receive guidance on new configurations or performance improvements.

It ultimately was able to save 70 percent of what it would spend with the vendor for software support over a four-year stretch. That represented over $1 million in savings for the group, which was able to be diverted to new initiatives and projects.

Origina also became a partner in the group’s eventual migration away from IBM software and assisted its technical team during that process.

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