From Marching to Running, Origina Celebrates LGBTQ Pride Month

Don’t Hide Your Pride

Love is love. Equality is non-negotiable. And diversity is something to be cherished. 

This Pride Month, we proudly celebrate the LGBTQ community at Origina, in our field, and around the world. We’re honored to be an ally and an advocate, especially when it comes to LGBTQ representation in tech — and not just during Pride Month, but every month. 

Some of us are celebrating by putting on running sneakers. A number of us will be participating in the Dublin Pride 5KM run in Phoenix Park on June 17th, which raises funds for LGBTQ organizations. (If you’re in Dublin, join us for a beer at the end of the run!). 

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a group of Origina team members marched in the Dallas Pride parade on Sunday. And other employees around the globe are enjoying festivities in their respective cities. 

No matter how, where, or with whom you might be celebrating, we wish you a Pride month full of support and love. (And maybe a little running.)


Origina LGBTQ Pride Month 2022

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