Co-op Partners with Origina to Accelerate their Digital Transformation

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Co-op, one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives with interests across food, funerals, insurance and legal services, who have selected Origina to help with the management of their on-premise IBM® software estate.

As Co-op move their IT out of data centers to cloud based services, we look forward to helping them to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

Mike Clifford, Co-op’s Director of Enterprise Services, said: “We are looking forward to working with Origina as we develop our digital technology function and utilise their skills to help support our on-premise technology and deliver on our vison of Co-operating for a Fairer World for our members, customers and communities.”

“We are delighted to welcome Co-op and are looking forward to assisting them in the next phase of the evolution of their IT estate,” commented Mark O’Neill, Origina’s Head of Sales, UK.

Origina is Proud to Partner with Co-Op


As digital transformation climbs to the top of the IT agenda at nearly every major organization, companies are looking for smarter ways to allocate resources, accelerate innovation and pay down technical debt.

That’s where Origina comes in. Our third-party software support and maintenance (TPSM) offering allows companies to take a completely new approach to their legacy IBM® systems. With a team of 600+ seasoned IBM® product experts, we help customers extend of the life of their software investments, enhance the capabilities of on-premise systems and gain more control over their cloud migration plans.

More and more companies are making third-party support a crucial part of their digital
transformation strategy. In fact, Gartner enthusiastically recommends TPSM for organizations who need more flexibility than OEMs provide and want to keep their IBM® products stable and secure while freeing up resources for modernization projects.

Want to know more or plan a free feasibility assessment? Get in touch! We’d love to show you exactly how Origina can improve the performance and longevity of your IBM® estate

Spring4Shell Vulnerability Update – April 8, 2022

Spring4Shell Vulnerability Update – April 8, 2022

Origina has been working with our Global IBM Experts and partners to analyze both CVE-2022-22965 & CVE-2022-22963 (Spring4Shell) critical vulnerabilities to determine if this vulnerability impacts IBM products.

Spring4Shell Vulnerability Update – April 6, 2022

Spring4Shell Vulnerability Update – April 6, 2022

At time of posting, Origina is working with our Global IBM Experts and partners to analyse CVE-2022-22965 (Spring4Shell) vulnerability to determine if this vulnerability impacts IBM products, which to our knowledge, has yet to be disclosed by IBM.

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