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As part of your support agreement with Origina, quarterly Meet the Experts workshops enable you to tap into the rich technical expertize of Origina’s independent IBM® software product and licensing experts.

For most of our customers, their IBM software products are mature and stable and are manageable by their technical teams. For these customers, reliance on IBM support
typically centers on addressing bugs in software with occasional focus on issues that are beyond the technical capabilities of in-house IT teams.

This problem-fixing approach is a reactive model of support that provides little practical guidance or architectural consultancy from IBM. Origina’s Meet the Experts service is provided free with our support agreements and provides you with the expert guidance in the areas that you need it. The service is designed to allow you to tap into the specialist knowledge of our independent Global IBM Experts to overcome complex and challenging issues.

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Meet the Experts Origina Services


We deliberately set no limitations on how you use the Meet the Experts service. Our aim is to empower you to maximize the value you receive from Origina’s independent IBM support and expertise in IBM’s product portfolio.

Insurance customer – IBM® MQ high-availability option for IBM® MDM 11.3

The customer had a requirement to move away from an active/passive configuration for high-availability (HA) that was dependent on physical servers to a new environment that was based entirely on virtual servers. The technical team needed guidance to determine
the most optimal IBM MQ HA setup for their IBM Master Data Management system in the new virtual environment.


The IBM MQ product insight from our independent Global IBM Experts enabled the customer to achieve a simpler and more elegant solution for their HA needs within the new environment. The experts discussed the customers’ original approach with the team, along with all other possible options, and provided them with a deeper understanding of the product and its capabilities.

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Retail customer – IBM Passport Advantage licensing and entitlements

The customers’ Software Asset Management (SAM) team wanted to know more about IBM® Passport Advantage® (PA) licensing and how to navigate the PA online portal to better understand their licensing entitlements. The SAM team had extensive experience with other vendors but found IBM licensing to be very complex. The customer had a number of PA agreements due to company acquisitions and wanted to know how many each of them owned, what was in active Subscription & Support (S&S) with IBM, what licenses had since been divested, and what versions of their licensed software they were entitled to use prior to the divestitures.


Our IBM licensing experts provided training on the IBM PA online portal and presented an
in-depth overview of IBM PA licensing along with clarity on the customer’s actual licensing
entitlements. The session highlighted several cost optimization opportunities and provided clarity on the available support options. The Meet the Experts service empowered the
customer to harmonize PA agreements and sites to better align with the current needs of the enterprise, tidying up company names, addresses, and access rights across the business.

customer profile solutions case study

Technology services customer– TWS9.3 MDM/9.4TDWC upgrade review

The purpose of the Meet the Experts session was to carry out an independent review of a new reference architecture that was designed by the customer in conjunction with IBM and HCL. The customer wanted to concentrate on best practices and harness the experience of our independent Global IBM Experts. The customer was particularly interested in getting detailed performance tuning settings for heap space, vCPU, and memory allocation as well as the optimal use of dynamic agents.

“Thank you so much for making the ‘Meet the Experts’ such an over-whelming success today. It went extremely well as indicated by the level of interaction with the key stakeholders. To get the key stakeholders to join the session was something I hoped for, but didn’t expect as they are particularly busy working on numerous other delivery projects at the moment. To then keep their attention and enthusiasm for the near four-hour session, demonstrates just how highly the advice & guidance was valued. There were a number of opportunities & options proactively provided that will undoubtedly improve the project solution for the long term. This session really demonstrated a key benefit of the Origina engagement in the TWS area. I think it has established an excellent basis for future support of our environment for the long term. Thank you for arranging & running this session, it really helps!”

Technology Services Customer


A customer identifies a specific topic for a Meet the Experts workshop. An agenda is drafted for the workshop that includes the IBM products in scope and an attendance list of the most suitable independent IBM product experts from Origina and the appropriate team members from the customer.

Origina customers can avail of one Meet the Experts workshop during each quarter of their support contract.

Send a request for a Meet the Experts workshop to your Origina Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

No. We have a wide range of independent Global IBM Experts and  we assign the most appropriate expert to each specific request.

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