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When you purchase an IBM® Passport Advantage® perpetual software license, you can use the software for as long as you comply with all the terms in the license agreement.

IBM Software Subscription & Support

Each new Passport Advantage license includes 12 months subscription to IBM Software Subscription & Support (S&S). The IBM S&S provides you with access to newer versions and technical support for all your licensed software.

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IBM Software Subscription


IBM Technical Support

IBM Technical Support


IBM Perpetual Software Version Entitlement

If you choose not to renew your IBM Subscription & Support, you remain entitled to use all commercially available versions of your licensed IBM software products, including any fixes, that are released on or before your S&S expiry date.

To retain the right to use entitled software versions and fixes in the future, you must download them before the expiry of your S&S agreement.
Each year, on the anniversary of your license acquisition, you can choose to renew your IBM S&S offering for a further 12 months or move support to Origina.
Origina Services - IBM Entitlement Repository

Creation of the IBM Entitlement Repository

To ensure that you can use entitled software and fixes in the future, you must download them before IBM removes download access.

Entitled software is available on IBM Passport Advantage and fixes are available on IBM Fix Central. If your IBM software includes products that have been divested to HCL or another company, you download that software and fixes from their software download portal.

To retain the right to use entitled software versions and fixes in the future, you must download them before the expiry of your S&S agreement.

Downloading all your software entitlements can be confusing and time-consuming. The onboarding team at Origina can help you to determine what needs to be downloaded, from your currently installed version to the latest available version, as well as the fix packs and patches that are associated with those versions. 

Acting as your agent, we can perform the downloads on your behalf and provide them to you for safekeeping and future use.


IBM Software Entitlement Capture Process


After we download all of your licensed software entitlements, we create an electronic download pack and send you a secure link where you can download it.

The electronic download pack contains:
  • A copy of your currently installed versions of major software and the most current commercially-available versions of the software
  • Any supported software versions that are identified during the sales process. Many IBM products include other products that are provided as part of a bundle. If you are utilizing any of these supported products, it is important to identify them for download.
  • All the entitled fix packs and patches for the software versions that we download
  • All the relevant IBM Proof of Entitlement certificates for your licensed software
  • A searchable catalog of all the software entitlements included in the download pack
Origina Services - IBM Entitlement Repository
In the future, using files in your IBM Entitlement Repository is the first option when resolving defects with your IBM software. Origina does not retain a copy of these files so it is essential that you store the repository in a safe place.


Downloading all of your software version entitlements before your S&S expiry date brings the following benefits:


1. A customer purchases new IBM MQ software licenses and installs version 7.0.
2. IBM announces that IBM MQ v7.0 moves to End-of-Support (EoS) status in February, resulting in the loss of full support for the customer.
3. The customer’s IBM S&S renewal date is at the of June and the customer decides to let S&S support lapse and move support to Origina.
4. IBM MQ v9.0 is released at the start of June.
5. The customer plans to upgrade to IBM MQ v9.0 in a year or so, but not before the S&S expiry date.
6. The customer is entitled to all commercially available versions of the software up until the end of June, but is not entitled to any versions released after that date.
7. The customer downloads all entitled software versions to enable upgrade at a later stage.
8. The customer moves support to Origina and receives full support for all versions of IBM MQ software, including version 7.0 that is EoS and no longer supported by IBM.
Customer maintains entitlement to use all commercially available versions of their licensed IBM PA Product up to S&S expiry date. Origina provides support for ALL versions of the IBM products, including those which IBM have classified as End-of-Support (EOS).
Part Number  Description
  E0256LL IBM MQ Processor Value Unit (PVU) Annual
SW Subscription & Support Renewal
*  Version numbers and dates detailed below are for visualization purposes only and not factual representations.
Example of determining license entitlement

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