Episode Description

Join Tomás O’Leary and Brendan Walsh as they discuss IBM’s quarterly dividend boost, Zoom picking Oracle over AWS for its cloud provider and whether the software market is recession-proof in 2020. Futurist, author and speaker David Houle joins to discuss why we should stop using the word innovation and start using the word disruption, how mega-vendors might find themselves with an outdated business model in the 2020s, and why it’s not about when the economy bounces back, but about how it’ll bounce forward.

Episode Guest: David Houle

David Houle, renowned futurist and speaker, joins Tomás and Brendan to discuss what the future might hold for mega-vendors and business leaders alike.

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David Houle, renowned futurist, joins the Two Irish Guys Discussing Software podcast to chat about the future and what mega-vendors need to take note of.