Origina To Hold Empower 2023 — Year of the Healthy Skeptic Conference

Empower 2023’s thought-provoking roundtables, interviews with industry leaders, and informative practical strategies will help IT stakeholders successfully mitigate the current business climate.

DUBLIN — May 3, 2023 — Origina, the leader in third-party software maintenance and support, announces Empower 2023 — Year of the Healthy Skeptic conference on June 1, 2023, at 3 PM BST (10 AM EDT.)

Every day, IT leaders are navigating through an uncertain global economic landscape. Success in the tech sphere is all about asking the right questions — of vendors, stakeholders, colleagues, and even higher ups — to make informed decisions and drive positive change within their organizations.    

At Origina, we call it being a “healthy skeptic.”

With sessions on IT roadmap planning, budget optimization, cybersecurity, and digital transformation initiatives, this event will offer valuable insights for CIOs, IT stakeholders, procurement teams, and software asset managers alike.

Topics will include: 

  • Session 1 | Whose Roadmap Is It?
    Gain practical strategies for taking control of your IT roadmap, ensuring alignment with your organization’s goals and priorities.   
  • Session 2 | Save to Invest
    Discover proven techniques to free up your budget for strategic investments that will maximize the value and optimal allocation of your IT resources.   
  • Session 3 | Are You Really Secure? 
    Make the right risk-based decisions to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats and compliance requirements through valuable insights.  
  • Session 4 | Go Digital
    Explore innovative ways to push your digital initiatives forward while optimizing costs without compromising on quality.   
  • Session 5 | It’s Your Right to Repair
    Delve into the importance of technology ownership and maintenance as we discuss the right to repair and its implications for IT stakeholders.  

You can register here for this free half-day virtual event.


Origina is a global provider of independent third-party IBM software support and maintenance that is committed to delivering outstanding software maintenance services. Our dedicated team of 600+ global independent IBM product experts is passionate about championing end-user rights and unlocking value for our customers. We work proactively to protect, extend, and enhance all versions of IBM® and HCL® Passport Advantage software on open systems and mainframes, providing a cost-intelligent alternative to traditional software megavendors. Visit to learn more. 

Origina Press Contact:

Jennifer Bellemare
[email protected]


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