Origina Announces Empower 2024 — Shatter the Status Quo: A Compass for IT Success

Virtual event provides thought-provoking interviews with industry leaders and practical strategies to help IT stakeholders successfully mitigate the current IT business climate.

DUBLIN — May 1, 2024 — Origina, the global leader in IBM third-party software maintenance, announces Empower 2024 — Shatter the Status Quo: A Compass for IT Success on June 13, 2024, at 2 PM GMT+1 (9 AM EDT.)

This year, the company’s annual virtual event will focus on arming CIOs and IT stakeholders with the tools necessary to navigate confidently through today’s intricate IT landscape.

In an era where technology evolves at breakneck speed, Empower 2024 — Shatter the Status Quo will provide a compass for CIOs and IT stakeholders to steer beyond the familiar shores of conventional software maintenance and support.

Topics will include:

  • Session 1 | Empowering Business-Led IT Roadmaps: Shifting from Vendor Directives 
    Prioritize your organizational goals over software vendor agendas and focus on plotting business-led initiatives to gain autonomy from megavendor-driven paths.
  • Session 2 | Navigating IBM Licensing: Complexities and Policies 
    Uncover effective strategies to maneuver through complicated OEM tactics and policies while safeguarding your organization’s interest.
  • Session 3 | Going Beyond the Myths: Third-Party Software Maintenance for IBM Estates  
    Learn the real facts about third-party reliability, security, and compliance.
  • Session 4 | Securing IBM Software: Balancing Legal and Technical Demands
    Discover how Origina navigated through legal and technical challenges, while also maintaining compliance with international trade regulations.
  • Session 5 | Cultivating Growth: Regeneration Through Tech Ownership and Maintenance 
    Explore proactive environmental stewardship. See how Origina is embracing regeneration principles and how you can fuel renewal and growth in your organization’s IT future. 

This event is free. Register here for your virtual seat.


Origina is a global provider of independent third-party IBM software support and maintenance that is committed to delivering outstanding software maintenance services. Our dedicated team of 600+ global independent IBM product experts is passionate about championing end-user rights and unlocking value for our customers. We work proactively to protect, extend, and enhance all versions of IBM® and HCL® Passport Advantage software on open systems and  mainframes, providing a cost-intelligent alternative to traditional software megavendors. Visit to learn more. 

Origina Press Contact:
Jennifer Bellemare


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