Brooklyn Solutions and Origina Empower Customers to Maximize Supplier Value and Service

LONDON — August 23, 2023 —Brooklyn Solutions, the trusted out-of-the-box SaaS solution built to redefine the customer-supplier relationship, announces its latest partnership with Origina, the global leader in third-party software maintenance for IBM. This strategic collaboration aims to empower Brooklyn’s customers by maximizing supplier value and service throughout their supply chain.

Origina provides next-generation support and maintenance by extending the lifecycle, security, and stability of software removing the need for forced upgrades. Customers enjoy 24/7/365 service and enhanced functionality and performance on over 800 IBM products.

“We are excited to join forces with Origina in our quest to optimize supplier value and service for our valued customers,” says Jesse Lee, CEO of Brooklyn Solutions. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enable our customers to streamline their operations and achieve greater success in their supply chain management. Origina’s expertise in third-party software maintenance and support, coupled with our proven track record in providing innovative out-of-the-box solutions, will create unparalleled value for our customers.”

Brooklyn Solutions and Origina are committed to delivering exceptional supplier value and service for our customers. With this strategic partnership, both parties are poised to transform third-party supplier management and maximize value for money at lower risk across all commercial relationships.

“We are delighted to team up with Brooklyn Solutions,” Origina Northern Europe Sales Director Mark O’Neill says. “By leveraging our cost-effective and flexible service offerings, customers can achieve seamless transitions and maximize their operational efficiency. Together, we will help provide the tools and insights they need to optimize their digital agendas.”


Brooklyn Solutions is a trusted out-of-the-box SaaS solution built to redefine the customer-supplier relationship. Through post-contract best practices across all commercial relationships, we enable businesses to maximise value for money and absolute compliance at lower risk. Our award-winning solution digitally transforms organisations’ current approach to post-contract optimisation introducing a streamlined solution for Relationship, Contract, Risk and Compliance management and ESG, resulting in ROI within three months. Learn more at

Brooklyn Solutions Contact:
Emily Devereaux
[email protected]


Origina is a global provider of independent third-party IBM software support and maintenance that is committed to delivering outstanding software maintenance services. Our dedicated team of 600+ global independent IBM product experts is passionate about championing end-user rights and unlocking value for our customers. We work proactively to protect, extend, and enhance all versions of IBM® and HCL® Passport Advantage software on open systems and mainframes, providing a cost-intelligent alternative to traditional software megavendors. Visit to learn more. 

Origina Press Contact:
Jennifer Bellemare
[email protected]


Don’t look at Z mainframes as just technical debt. Optimizing these workhorse systems can result in better software support and extended value.

Origina is known for our concierge service approach for legacy IBM software. Read more about what our CSMs and GIEs can do for your company and its tech estate.

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