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IBM Support & Maintenance

Why Clients Switch to Origina


Cost Transparency

Origina’s Feasibility Assessment will give you better clarity on your IBM licences and associated renewal. We will show what IBM paperwork is relevant and what is not so you have a full understanding of what you are paying for. Once we agree on a unit cost for each licence you migrate to us we commit to reducing this by 7.5% for each subsequent year you have the licenses under our support.

Cost Predictability

Origina’s Feasibility Assessment will take into account historical pricing you have received from IBM but also, based on information we have from 1000’s of global IBM software clients, what are you likely to pay in the future. Our IBM Support & Maintenance service will also give you this visibility with our 7.5% p.a. annual price reduction.

Cost Avoidance

Origina’s Licence Intelligence team can help you here. We have IBM licence and Passport Advantage experts as part of our team. Talk to us and let us help you navigate your IBM contracts to avoid unnecessary renewal costs.

Phasing Out IBM Software

This is where Origina really help IBM software licensees. With savings on average of 50%+ p.a. on the running of these older (and often most expensive) software assets the transformational effect this can have on your IT budget goes a long way towards increasing the speed and efficiency of your Digital Transformation programme.


Impact on Stakeholders

Origina’s service ensures that you will understand your contract terms and, indeed, how many licenses you have before you make any changes. In addition it will help you inform all stakeholders of any possible risks before any decisions are made.

Contract Transparency

Origina will ensure you have a full understanding of what IBM paperwork is relevant to your decision and what is not. With so much paperwork to review we can point you in the right direction of what needs to be looked at, and highlight any problematic or hidden clauses. You also get clear and simple contracts from Origina if, and when, you become a client.

Easier Audits

Audits are scary. Do you know all your obligations to IBM as a user of their software? Origina clients have access to some of the world’s best IBM software licensing experts. Our Licence Intelligence team will be there to hold your hand and we have access to some of the best independent audit defence experts if they are needed.

No Contract Lock-in!

At Origina we believe the only reason you should renew is because you want to - NOT because you have no choice. We don’t lock our clients into inflexible long term contracts and when we provide fixes/workarounds we do so on a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual and royalty-free licence basis. Our pay as you use model is the opposite of a lock-in!


Free Up Staff Resources

If your team is small and you are always under time pressure, let Origina give you peace of mind. Origina’s service will give you access to a team of IBM software support experts, so that you can get on with your key responsibilities. Our Meet the Experts sessions will outline all the additional benefits that you and your team will enjoy when you partner with Origina.

Access to IBM expertise

Are you unable to get quick access to IBM support and is this causing operational problems with your organisation as a result? Do you find such access getting worse every year? With Origina, you get direct and speedy access to some of the best IBM software experts available. You will have the reassurance that if/when things go wrong you will have the right people on the job, IMMEDIATELY!

Ensure Continuous Operations

If you are transitioning to a new digital model, you need to be sure that the old one won’t fall over. This is where Origina comes in. We will not only provide you better value but we will make sure that your older IBM software environment has access to the IBM expertise to keep the lights on while you are building your new digital world.

Faster Integration of Systems

By giving you the IBM expertise you need and with our regular Meet the Expert sessions that are included with our contract, you will be able to make sure that you can connect the new and the old for as long as you need without paying double.

The IBM Products We Support

Avoid the over-licensing IBM trap and obtain visibility of your IBM software products. When it comes to IBM Tivoli, Lotus, WebSphere, Rational, IM & Analytics or any other IBM product, the support and maintenance contracts are a significant drain on IT finances. Third party maintenance services provide a cost effective alternative. Offering a better quality and more responsive service than IBM, Origina can typically save you 50% on equivalent IBM software support. Gain complete control of your IT application infrastructure and retain all upgrade rights to product versions available as of the last date of your IBM contract.

We support a wide range of IBM products such as:








Information Management

How can origina help?

We support IBM Software products
Supported by a global delivery team
Focused on our customers needs
A connected ecosystem of IBM experts
Average savings of 50% on IBMs maintenance annual costs
Legal and contractual reassurance
Paying only for the service required


Customer Entitlements
Patches, SW updates and version upgrades
Security & vulnerability
Technical support
Support all versions and no forced upgrades
Customer views
Not acceptable

* available as of the last date of the IBM maintenance (S&S) contract

Want to know how much you can save?

We ask 3 question that will accurately allow us to calculate how much you will save off your current IBM Software Support by switching to us.
Step 1
IBM Part numbers
& Quantities
Step 2
What are your plans
for the software?
Step 3