Origina supports over 800 IBM products as an independent provider of third-party support for IBM software.

Supported IBM Products

Origina supports over 800+ IBM products under the Passport Advantage product line. Identifying which products can be supported by an independent third-party software support provider is a critical first step in making the switch to Origina. Discover the products we support below.

Origina Supports 800+ IBM Products

Below are a few of the products we support. Don’t see your product listed? Our Feasibility Assessment will evaluate which of your IBM products can be supported by Origina.

IBM Products Origina Supports

App Connect Enterprise

IBM® App Connect Enterprise is a message broker that sits between any number of IBM technologies to allow the transfer of data from one to another, regardless of format. The software has previously been named IBM® WebSphere Message Broker or IBM® Integration Bus.

Business Process Manager

IBM® Business Process Manager is a platform that enables better business process management for users in the organization through the development, implementation and use of its software’s features.

Lotus Communications CEO Bundle

The IBM® Lotus Communications CEO bundle is a packaged product that contains the full functionality of IBM® Lotus Domino, the company’s preferred mail client (such as IBM® Lotus Notes) as well as support for email standards. IBM® Lotus Domino and IBM® Lotus Notes are now part of HCL Technologies, after being acquired in 2019 from IBM.

Cognos Business Intelligence

IBM® Cognos Business Intelligence is a suite of business analytics applications that enable companies to track, analyze and report on events within the business through the help of a series of Cognos tools. The software is also known as IBM® Cognos Analytics.

Cúram Platform

The IBM® Cúram Platform is a combination of solutions and additional tools primarily aimed at supporting large organizations in the health and human services sector largely through automation and standardized workflows.

Db2 Databases

IBM® Db2 Databases is a relational database platform that serves as a repository for data, enabling analysis and retrieval of large volumes of it. It contains a number of ancillary components to provide improved database management capabilities.

IBM Products Origina Supports

Db2 Enterprise Server Edition

IBM® Db2 Enterprise Server Edition provides the functionality necessary for large enterprises to fully leverage IBM® Db2 Databases through an intuitive data analytics, business intelligence and storage management tool set.

Domino Content Manager OnDemand

IBM® Domino Content Manager OnDemand is a digital repository for storing, accessing and interacting with files and information across the business.

Domino/Lotus Notes

IBM® Domino (now HCL Domino) and IBM® Lotus Notes (now HCL Notes) are the server and client, respectively, of a comprehensive communications platform which provides access to standard services such as emailing and personal calendars.

eDiscovery Content Manager

IBM® eDiscovery Content Manager is a content management platform primarily designed for the legal sector to assist in the storage, identification and organization of Electronically Stored Information (ESI).


IBM® FileNet is an enterprise content management platform which enables better collaboration over content across the business.

InfoSphere Information Server

IBM® InfoSphere Information Server is a powerful data management platform that gives businesses the ability to automate the collection and organization of data, define and deploy policies, and generally govern the way in which information is accessed and used.

IBM Products Origina Supports

InfoSphere DataStage

IBM® InfoSphere DataStage is a data integration application that uses artificial intelligence to transport large batches of data across the organization for analysis and reporting.

Informix editions

IBM® Informix is a customizable database which integrates with SQL as well as non-standard languages such as JSON to host and manage data and allow for scalable transactions. IBM® Informix has a variety of editions to meet needs ranging from small projects to enterprise capacity.

Integration Bus

IBM® Integration Bus is a data integration tool that unifies diverse applications and enables them to communicate with one another. It forms part of the IBM® App Connect Enterprise platform.

Digital Experience

IBM® Digital Experience is part of IBM® WebSphere Portal and enables organizations to deliver content across internal and external channels to provide more engaging social experiences. IBM® Digital Experience is now known as HCL Digital Experience, following HCL Technologies’ acquisition of the software in 2019.

MQ Series

IBM® MQ is a series of middleware products that allows applications to securely communicate with one another across the digital estate.


IBM® Netcool/OMNIbus is a data consolidation and storage platform that sits within the IBM® Tivoli family and is designed to support Service Level Management (SLM) functions to streamline processes.

IBM Products Origina Supports


IBM® OpenPages is a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform that offers a comprehensive view of regulatory risk and centralizes compliance analysis for review and further action.


IBM® Optim is a series of solutions within the IBM® InfoSphere family that supports the collection, organization and review of data across the enterprise.

SPSS Statistics

IBM® SPSS Statistics, formerly known as IBM® SPSS, is software that enables companies to interrogate data for statistical analysis, from cross-tabulating and significance testing through multivariate models and machine learning.

SPSS Modeler

IBM® SPSS Modeler is a visual data science toolkit used for predictive analytics and other projects, and known for it’s no-code user interface.

SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services

IBM® SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services facilitates collaboration among data scientists and operationalizes models between SPSS Statistics and SPSS Modeler

SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center

IBM® SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center offers businesses the ability to compartmentalize data through virtualization to support a more agile data management structure and strategy within the organization.

IBM Products Origina Supports

Spectrum Protect

IBM® Spectrum Protect is an application that preserves the integrity and security of data through a series of features, while also enabling data administrators to implement more efficiency and resilience.

Sterling Order Management

IBM® Sterling Order Management is an inventory and fulfillment management program that connects omnichannel retail experiences on the back-end to give retail companies real-time oversight into sales and logistics.


IBM® Tealeaf is a customer analytics solution which enables companies to gain more insight on user movement and engagement on web and mobile applications. IBM® Tealeaf is now known as Acoustic Experience Analytics following Acoustic’s acquisition of the software in 2019.


The IBM® Tivoli software family is a series of products concerning the management and storage of data through a series of functionalities which include virtualization and automation.

Tivoli Composite Application Manager

IBM® Tivoli Composite Application Manager is a diagnostics tool that provides monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM® Tivoli Storage Manager is a data storage management and backup application which sits within the IBM® Spectrum Protect product.

IBM Products Origina Supports


IBM® Unica is an enterprise marketing platform which provides tools to conduct reporting and analytics, centralize initiatives and goals, and develop and execute on marketing strategies. IBM® Unica is now known as HCL Unica following HCL Technologies’ acquisition of the software in 2019.

WebSphere Application Server (WAS)

IBM® WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a Java-based runtime which is the basis for many IBM and HCL products. It also acts as a resilient, stand-alone runtime for running business-critical, custom J2EE applications.

WebSphere Commerce

IBM® WebSphere Commerce is a series of tools designed primarily for e-commerce purposes and which allows for centralization and collaboration of data and processes, as well as coordination of marketing and sales teams. IBM® WebSphere Commerce is now known as HCL Commerce following HCL Technologies’ acquisition of the software in 2019.

WebSphere Portal

IBM® WebSphere Portal is a web portal development and management solution that aids companies in their content management and delivery strategies. IBM® WebSphere Portal is now known as HCL Digital Experience following HCL Technologies’ acquisition of the software in 2019.

Toyota is an international automobile manufacturer and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.
BT is a multinational telecommunications company and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.
Direct Line Group is a British insurance company and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.
Henderson Group Client of Origina Independent IBM Support & Software Maintenance
Pladis Global is a British food retailer and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.
TIAA Client of Origina Independent IBM Support & Software Maintenance
Orix Client of Origina Independent IBM Support & Software Maintenance
Valvoline Client of Origina Independent IBM Support & Software Maintenance
Coop Client of Origina Independent IBM Support & Software Maintenance
Compass Group Client of Origina Independent IBM Support & Software Maintenance
Banque de France is a French bank and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.
Dow Jones is an American publishing company and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.