Insurer Avoids Costly Extended Application Downtime

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A quick response and resolution mitigates prolonged downtime for critical employee and customer applications.


IBM® Security Access Manager (ISAM) helps this Swedish insurance provider protect its sensitive data located in internal applications, as well as customer data located in external applications like its mobile app. ISAM is used for user authentication and authorization. It ensures that legitimate users are logging into the systems – and stops fraudulent users from logging in. The sensitive data stored on both applications mainly includes personal data and insurance policy details. Staff members use this information to give customers quotes on existing, new and additional policies, as well as to examine insurance claims. Similarly, customers access the insurance provider’s app to view their insurance policies, change any policy details and to submit claims. The uptime of the applications is unsurprisingly essential to daily operations, as the entire business model relies on it. The insurance provider encountered an issue where its staff could not login to the system to access customer data. An investigation revealed customers were having the same problem. The company’s IT engineers found that the ISAM security authentication tool was at the heart the issue. The authentication tool was not working and therefore could not authenticate users logging in. Without access to this data, the company would struggle to carry out its day-to-day operations. Customers were concerned about their data and staff struggled to answer questions. With the insurance provider also unable to deliver quotes for insurance policies, the issue threatened the company from reputational and financial standpoints. Due to the critical nature of the issue, the technical team reached out to Origina for support.



As one of the largest insurance companies in Northern Europe, it offers many categories of insurance, including home, child, car, pet and boat insurance, as well as health, life, and accident insurance. It continuously works to maximize value for its four million policyholders. To this end, it has released an app which allows users to access their insurance policies and invoices and submit insurance claims on their mobile device.

IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM)


Case Studies The Solution The independent Global IBM Expert assigned to the insurance provider as dedicated support joined a call to better understand the issue and find a solution. The expert examined the ISAM log files and asked the team several technical questions to get a deeper understanding of the issue at hand. After much deliberation between the two sides, the expert identified the issue was due to an expired ISAM certificate. To stay compliant and keep ISAM secure, the insurance provider is required to continually update software certificates. It had recently updated a new ISAM certificate, which Origina’s Global IBM Expert identified as the cause of the issue. Upon deeper analysis, it was found that one component of ISAM was working with the old certificate and was causing a major error as a result. The only solution was to remove the old certificate and reconfigure the new certificate with the component which was causing the error. Both Origina’s Global IBM Expert and the insurance provider’s technical team searched for a fix for this issue from IBM but IBM had not released any fixes or documentation for solving this issue. Origina’s Global IBM Expert provided advice on configuring the application to remove the old certificate altogether. In removing the old certificate, the troubled ISAM component connected with the new certificate and the ISAM began to work at full capacity once again. Origina and the insurance provider worked closely for several weeks from that point to ensure no further errors would arise. Fortunately, everything continued to run smoothly.


Applications can be the gateway between a brand and its customers. Extended downtime not only hurts the reputation of the brand, but it can damage trust and result in financial losses. The criticality of an app to a business’ team members daily responsibilities can only amplify these impacts.

As a result of the fix provided by Origina’s independent Global IBM Expert, the insurance provider was able to continue running its operations at an optimal level. With the app back up and running quickly, the company was able to meet the needs of its customers and its employees.

If the issue were not resolved quickly and effectively, the business could have lost millions in revenue from existing customers and prospects. Given the severity of the incident, Origina’s customer support team responded swiftly to prevent collateral damage to the business.

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