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Death, taxes and software audits
Sep 6, 2018
IBM software audits are inevitable. Eventually a Big Blue bean counter will arrive on site to count your licenses – how can you prepare for their visit?
4 ways to fail an IBM software audit
Aug 14, 2018
Failing an IBM software audit is incredibly easy – here are four mistakes that you need to learn from today
Does third-party support increase the risk of an audit?
Aug 3, 2018
Dropping IBM support may save a lot of money – but will it trigger an IBM audit that costs even more?
IBM Contract Knowledge: The Difference between a SAM Guru and a SAM Rookie
Jul 26, 2018
Contract details are where the SAM can save their business – or make a huge mistake that makes them look like a rookie
Contract Transparency – It’s not as difficult as you think
Jul 20, 2018
Software contracts are notoriously hard to understand. But making sense of them is easier than you think
Three ways a lack of software contract transparency costs your business
Jul 4, 2018
IBM software contracts are designed to be hard to understand – and they could be costing your business a fortune
See you in court. Are we about to see more IBM software licenses being challenged?
Jun 29, 2018
OEMs like IBM are using ambiguous contracts to gouge their customers – but is the worm about to turn?
Post warranty software rights – do you know what they are?
Jun 19, 2018
Knowing your software rights is crucial to surviving an IBM audit – and to planning your future software strategy
Does IBM’s business model even leave space for their software clients anymore?
May 3, 2018
HCL Technologies has spent nearly $1bn licensing IBM software IP – but why? And what does it mean for you?
The Modern CIO is driven by financials - so why throw away money on unnecessary support coverage?
Apr 11, 2018
The CIO faces pressure from the CFO and CEO to deliver value for money and deliver strategic IT projects – so why throw away cash on unnecessary support coverage?
Navigating the M&A minefield with third party IBM support
Mar 13, 2018
Following a corporate acquisition, discover how to make the process of merging IBM systems easier (and cheaper) following a corporate acquisition.
In the era of Big Data, everything matters – including IBM legacy support
Dec 4, 2017
When business agility, data transformation and quality of customer service rely on speed, you need a support partner who can respond quickly.