The Year of the Healthy Skeptic: A New Way of Thinking for IT Leaders

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CIOs and leaders in roles like procurement and software asset management must carry out their positions against an uncertain economic landscape. Inflation, supply chain concerns, and even sweeping job cuts have become the norm.

From the very first session, Origina’s Empower 2023 — The Year of the Healthy Skeptic is all about giving IT stakeholders the tools and information they need to overcome these challenges and take control of their respective IT roadmaps.

What does a healthy skeptic look like?

Businesses with the skill, knowledge, and even audacity to put their tech growth first are the ones poised to win in these challenging times. The right kind of questioning attitude can yield surprising results for companies interested in technology and vendor cost optimization.

In the first session “Whose Roadmap Is It?” attendees will get their first glimpse of what it means to be a healthy skeptic. That starts with a look at an organization’s current roadmap, priorities, and the intersection of the two.

Meanwhile, the second session, “Save to Invest,” will invite participants to rethink their stance on tech spending and learn proven techniques that will maximize the value of IT resources. Every dollar saved on unnecessary technology costs is another that can go into digital-first initiatives and other enhancements.

These sessions are the tone-setters for the rest of the program, and the message is all about deciding for yourself – and your business’s best interests – what your IT roadmap should look like. Asking the right questions from the start is essential to that process, and it can save businesses millions.


New mindsets and new practices

Holistic technology management means having a full view of the infrastructure, its associated risks, and the partners that help manage it all. The third and fourth sessions of Origina’s Empower 2023 – Year of the Healthy Skeptic will feature best practices that keep businesses secure and continually confident in their solutions, even as external forces and internal directives necessitate big change.

“Are You Really Secure?” will feature a frank talk about security that goes beyond the checkbox, looks at more than patching, and helps secure critical infrastructure for some of the enterprise’s biggest companies and innovators. Here you can learn insights from trusted voices in the ongoing cybersecurity discussion.

Empower’s fourth talk, “Go Digital,” will advance the skeptic’s mindset to a place of growth and evolution to explore innovative ways to push digital initiatives forward while optimizing costs, all without compromising on quality.


Right to repair: an emerging business challenge and opportunity

You’re probably familiar with the right to repair movement in the consumer context. But did you know the concept is gaining ground in B2B circles as well?

While the megavendors at the top constantly drive toward the latest upgrade, there are people out there fighting for your right to extend the life of the hardware and software your business purchases in good faith.

In the final segment of Empower 2023, ”It’s Your Right to Repair,” a roundtable panel will delve into the true meaning of technology ownership and maintenance in an increasingly service-based business world. Although top-level service vendors have historically dominated the ownership conversation, companies like Origina and their partners are pushing for a future where businesses can use the software they purchase for as long as they’d like, on their own terms.


Inform and accelerate your IT growth: Origina Empower 2023

Our latest event is a unique and exclusive platform to engage with industry experts and fellow IT stakeholders. Gain valuable insights that help leaders grow their skills and drive positive outcomes for their organizations. Share your best practices and learn more from peers. And learn about a way of thinking puts the business using the solution – not the one selling it – at the front of all major technical and financial considerations.


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Finding stability in a tough economy gets easier when teams work together to make educated technology solutions. Advice and analysis inside.

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