Understand How You Can SAVE 50% Off Your IT Budget

At Origina we SAVE our clients an average of 50% off their current annual IBM Software Support and Maintenance costs. To understand if switching your IBM software support to Origina is right for your organization, you must first undertake a Feasibility Assessment (FA).

What is a Feasibility Assessment?

The Feasibility Assessment is a free-of-charge and highly accurate cost and risk analysis which details exactly how much you can save by switching to Origina. It is a like-for-like comparison tool, so you can see which of your products we can support and at what price versus what you are currently paying with IBM®. This analysis has no strings attached and minimal effort is needed by you – we do all the calculations for you.

How can we create such an accurate report?

Using our software intelligence platform, Eolas, we import your IBM® Entitlement Report. Your IBM® Entitlement Report details exactly what IBM applications you have purchased from IBM® over the years and in what quantities. It also shows what products you have under active support with IBM and those where support has lapsed.

‍With this information, we can confirm what products we can support and initial estimate of the level of cost savings you will experience by switching your IBM software support to Origina. We call this detailed breakdown your Feasibility Assessment V1 and you will get the report within just two days of sending us your IBM® Entitlement Report.

‍To get the more accurate Feasibility Assessment V2, we would need to complete a couple of additional steps as follows:

1. Analyze and adjust assumptions made in Feasibility Assessment V1

2. Confirm usage and plans for specific products include is assessment

3. Confirm the actual versions of each product that is currently deployed in your estate

‍Understanding your Feasibility Assessment

Within your Feasibility Assessment, you will see in a clear, concise and simple to understand format:

• What IBM software products I currently have employed

• How many of each you have licensed (Quantities)

• What version of each is employed (V2 only)

• Which products Origina can support

• What you are currently spending with IBM vs switching to Origina

• What are the most likely products to focus in on with your business stakeholders?

‍What is next after you get your first Feasibility Assessment?

Once you receive your Feasibility Assessment V1, we leave it with you for 2 days so that you have the time to fully understand what it entails and see if it is worth switching to Origina.

‍After 2 days, a call will be organized, where we go into the report in detail and answer any questions you may have. This stage also allows us to have a conversation about future upgrades and versions of your software and if Origina will be the right fit for you.  

‍After this first call, we then go away and further update the feasibility report (Feasibility Assessment V2) based on this information. This enables you to always see what the financial impact of switching to Origina will be specifically for your company as the report is tailored specifically to the IBM software products that you are looking at switching to Origina as opposed to your entire IBM® software estate. In switching to Origina, you do not have to transfer the entirety of your IBM software estate.

‍Real world Results

Our customers include some of the largest organizations in the world, such as Toyota, BT, Fujitsu, Sainsbury’s, Capgemini, CoOp, Novartis. As such, we understand that IBM estates are large, complex, multi functional and can span across multiple locations. However, transferring just some of this IBM estate to Origina can yield substantial savings.

‍One of the largest UK retailers saved over £57m off their IBM estate over a 5-year period by switching to Origina. We didn’t take over their entire IBM software estate as this estate was complex and some applications needed to run on the latest versions. The FA identified what we could support, and what IBM still needed to support.

‍We provided a full risk assessment and cost implications analysis of switching the possible IBM software estate to Origina. With this cost savings and increased level of support they immediately saw the benefits in switching.

‍How do I initiate my Feasibility Report?

Contact us today to send through your IBM® Entitlement Report and within 24 hours we will provide you with your Feasibility Report.

‍How can I get access to my Entitlement Report?

To download your Entitlement Report, you need access to your company’s IBM® Passport Advantage Portal. Once your Entitlement Report is generated, a call will be booked with an Origina representative to better understand your estate and your future plans for your deployed software.

‍Do you have access to your Passport Advantage Portal?

No: You will need to contact your company’s IBM primary contact and ask for access.

‍Yes: Head on to your IBM® Passport Advantage Portal and obtain your IBM® Entitlement Report.


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