Origina helps – Giving back in 2021

When we said goodbye to 2020, we were hoping 2021 would be a good year for everyone across the world. While 2021 was businesswise a stellar year for Origina, it turned out to be another challenging 365 days for too many people. Especially for the less fortunate as it brought additional struggles and burdens on top of the already existing ones.  

As part of our mission to empower people, we are working throughout the year with exceptional organizations around the world to help them advance their missions and ease the burden of the less fortunate.  

We are delighted to share how we supported some of the charities in our Irish and US communities in 2021, and how the company plans to continue supporting non-profits in 2022. 

Giving is About Making a Difference 

At the end of 2021, we pledged to donate to four charities in Ireland that our founders hold dear to their hearts. On top of various fundraising activities, we made a €6,000 donation to each of the non-profit organizations below: 

  • Focus Ireland: A group dedicated to preventing homelessness and assisting families, young adults or children who are at risk of becoming homeless.  
  • Peter McVerry Trust: A housing and homeless charity that strives to provide low-threshold housing and pathways out of homelessness.  
  • Dublin Simon Community: A non-profit dedicated to preventing homelessness through a variety of measures.  
  • Temple Street Children Hospital: An acute pediatric hospital that cares for 145,000 sick children per year. 

The organizations are achieving incredible results working with the at-risk and disadvantaged communities of Ireland. We’re excited to see the progress they’ll continue to make in the coming years.  

In the United States, where we officially opened our headquarters in Plano, TX, we gave $9,000 and valuable time of our employees to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has a long history of helping the less fortunate in its community through providing charity shops, hot meals and other social services for families and children. 

Salvation Army Fundraising

In addition, our employee, Freda Ballard, started her own charity: Lyfe Journey Unfolding. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless people within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, building tiny houses which will serve as their temporary homes until they are able to get a steady job and a place to live. Origina donated $9,000 for this worthwhile cause.  

Origina Helps. It’s a Commitment. 

Origina’s charitable contributions in 2021 weren’t limited to one-off donations. Throughout the year, employees across the company participated in a variety of fundraising activities as a fun way to support local charities.  

We showed our commitment to the Christmas spirit by donning our favorite holiday gear during Origina’s Christmas Jumper Day, with over 50 employees all across the globe participating. As a result, our founders donated to the Children’s Health Foundation €1,500 and $1,500 to Children’s Health 

Christmas Jumper Day

For the Irish Youth Foundation, employees donated 1 hour of their November wages and Origina matched it for a total of €2,222.  

Under the motto: ‘Whatever you grow, will save a bro’, the most adventurous men participated in the Movember initiative, garnering €1,000 in donations. The whole company was asked to Dress for Success in recognition of International Women’s Day (€1,000 donation) and in recognition of Pride month, we donated €500 for ‘BelongTo’. 

Origina Helps. It’s in our DNA. 

Origina is growing quickly as a global firm, but we are constantly focused on our roots of empowering people. We have employees across the world but more importantly, we’re involved in our communities across the world.  

Our leadership team has made a commitment to donate  2 percent of their net margin in 2022. And as the Origina family increases in size through the months and years, we can really look forward to supporting even more charities than ever before. 

We can’t wait to see what 2022 holds. We will do everything we can to support the wonderful communities in which we live and work. We know that with all the motivated team members we have at Origina, we will be able to help empower the world. 


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