Bringing Service Back: Origina’s Global Experts Deliver Exceptional IBM Support

It doesn’t matter what the problem, it all comes down to one thing — do you have an expert on the call?

Every day, it seems like we are paying more for less.

And service?

Forget about it.

How many times have you logged a ticket or called some anonymous voice at the help desk only to wait days, sometimes even weeks or months, for your fix? Who can afford that kind of downtime?

With these frustrating scenarios the norm, no wonder people remember back in the day when service was king with a wistful nostalgia. After all, given the generous year-over-year investment in your software subscription and support (S&S), you are entitled to have high expectations of support.

Unfortunately, those expectations may be left unfulfilled.

Concierge level of service

When Origina provides your third-party software maintenance, you receive dedicated resources right from the start. You will get assigned a customer success manager (CSM) who will stay with you throughout your duration with Origina, allowing them to really get to know you and your business needs.

CSMs interact with customers on a regular basis through service reviews and calls to touch base to ensure you are getting the most out of your contract with us. They look for trending areas that might need improvement and suggest Meet the Expert sessions to proactively address those issues.

Every Origina customer is entitled to four Meet the Expert sessions per year, which are quarterly consultative workshops.

And who are those experts?

Many of Origina’s independent GIEs were the original architects and developers behind the software.

Independent Global IBM Experts

According to Forrester, one of the main reasons IT and procurement leaders are hesitant to switch to third-party software maintenance is fear of losing access to OEM expertise. That’s understandable, but what if you could actually gain the knowledge of 15+ years of IBM experience and in many cases much more?

Our independent Global IBM Experts (GIEs) have been subject matter experts and software engineers for products we support. Each has a minimum of 15 years of experience working with their specific product.

In fact, many of our GIEs were the original architects and developers behind the solution or formed part of the team that supported the software before the company was acquired by IBM.

Megavendor support customers often struggle to get support from technicians that are familiar with the software, especially for older versions that have reached end of support or end of life. Not an issue with Origina.

The same GIEs work with the same customers at Origina, which makes the issue resolution process quicker. Since the GIE is already familiar with their customer’s environment, they can jump right in and fix the issue in a timely manner.

Going beyond solving incidents, Origina’s customer success team and GIEs work closely to help achieve mission-critical priorities in your IT roadmap. Performance migrations, upgrades, and optimization are all achievable.

Origina’s team works closely to help achieve mission-critical priorities in your IT roadmap.

Fixed SLAs avoid lengthy ticket resolution times

As an extra bonus of Origina’s concierge service, we offer binding service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee swift response and resolution time. Fixed SLAs provide assurance we will adhere to specific timeframes when servicing incidents. They start with a 30-minute response rate for Priority 1 incidents and all carry target resolution times.

Support even for EOS and EOL products

For many, a crucial aspect of switching to Origina is our experience with legacy IBM software products. Accepting tickets for end of support products is not a concern at Origina. Our GIEs and CSMs can provide answers to your questions and solutions that are unique to your company’s digital estate.

After all, there’s a big difference between an anonymous voice at a help desk and a global expert who knows your system inside and out.

Want to learn more about our IBM support and maintenance services? Get in touch. We’d love to talk.


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