Navigating Software Asset Management in an Unpredictable Economy: Expert Insights and Strategies

Managing software assets can be a complex and challenging task, especially in today’s volatile economic climate. As companies navigate this landscape of uncertainty, software asset managers around the globe are encountering unique obstacles that require quick thinking and strategic planning, and a proactive approach to avoid expensive audits. To help organizations effectively manage their software assets during these times, watch Origina’s webinar “Navigating the Storm: Managing Software Assets in an Unpredictable Economic Situation.” 

Software asset management pioneer Michael Swanson, founder of Information Systems Asset Management (ISAM), joined Origina’s Hari Candadai, SVP Global Marketing and Thought Leadership, to explore the impact of the current economic climate on software asset management and provide proven strategies for success. 

The webinar covers a range of topics on the unique challenges faced by software asset managers at large organizations, including budget cuts, audit threats, vendor negotiations, software usage, and security risks. Viewers will learn how to identify these complications and navigate them effectively, as well as how to manage software assets through resource optimization, vendor negotiation, and reinforced software and data security measures. 

Whether you’re an IT leader or SAM in Fortune 500 or Global 1000 company, this on-demand webinar is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies to help manage your organization’s software assets within a fluctuating economic landscape. 


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Finding stability in a tough economy gets easier when teams work together to make educated technology solutions. Advice and analysis inside.

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