Empowering Communities: A Year of Giving Back with Origina

A look at Origina’s contributions through 2023.

Is it the end of the year again? Already?

This year, Origina had the opportunity to give back to our community in a variety of ways.

Like the last, our goal was simple: Make the world a better place by empowering people and the organizations that support them to create their own path forward.

Here are some of the highlights.

Overall Donations

The world is in an uncertain place right now, and action from responsible community members is needed now more than ever. Our leadership team doubled down, committing to donate 4% of our net margin to charity, social, and environmental causes.

Focus Ireland, Dublin Simon Community, Children’s Health Ireland (Temple Street), and the Peter McVerry Trust each received a €7,000 donation. In the U.S., the Salvation Army of North Texas received $7,000.


This Spaceship Earth

In 2023, we established a partnership with This Spaceship Earth (TSE), an environmental organization that urges all of us to take better care of the earth we’ve inherited. Our work with TSE reflects Origina’s ongoing commitment to regenerative practices and sustainability through the Right to Repair movement. To learn more and become a part of the crew, sign up for TSE’s free weekly Crew Commentary newsletter.


Belong To

Belong To is a national organization supporting LGBTQ+ young people in Ireland. This year, we upped our Belong To commitment to €5,000 and had the honor of hosting their CEO, Moninne Griffith, for a virtual chat about the importance of inclusion.

4. Christmas-Jumper-Day-min

Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas is a time of giving and celebration. Our team got to experience both sides of the holiday with our annual tradition with Origina Christmas Jumper Day in support of Children’s Health Foundation, Temple Street, in Ireland and the Children’s Health Medical Center Foundation in Dallas. Origina Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Rowan O’Donoghue personally donated €1,500 and $1,500 respectively to each charity on the day of the event, while other team members provided their own contributions in the following days.

Salvation Army

If you heard bells ringing outside your favorite Dallas shops this year, there’s a chance you saw our team at work. Several members of the Origina crew donned the red smock during the annual Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive. Other colleagues not in Texas participated in the Red Kettle Virtual Drive.

You can’t change the software world if you don’t show a commitment to the real world around you. We look forward to another year of working with our current partners and other worthy causes in 2024.


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