Becoming a Healthy Skeptic

Knowing the right questions to ask when evaluating your current technology can catapult you over your competition.

We’re all too familiar with the pressures of the current business climate — looming inflation, persistent supply chain issues, and sweeping job cuts — to name a few.

IT leaders are grappling with these and a myriad of other issues, chief among them are widespread cuts in IT budgets.

But smart companies are not stopping innovation, regardless of shrinking IT budgets. Instead, they are finding ways to save and then reinvesting those funds back into the company earmarked for innovation.

Asking the right questions

One way to do this is to evaluate your digital agenda to ensure you are getting the most out of your current technology. Successful companies know how to ask the right questions when it comes to their IT roadmaps, including about software support and maintenance.

How do you free up your people, time, and money for innovation?
Can your current technology be optimized?
What are you really getting for your support money?

At Origina, we call it being a “healthy skeptic.”


What’s a healthy skeptic?

A healthy skeptic looks at their present situation and wonders if there is a smarter way to do things. For example, they don’t assume the newest, most shiny upgrade is the best thing for their company. Instead, they seek out ways to free up their current resources to grow the business.

Driving Digital Innovation: A Healthy Skeptic’s Road to Optimizing Technology” was written to help IT decision-makers examine current technology choices to ensure every decision supports your company’s IT roadmap and business bottom line.

In this e-book, you will find chapters on:  

  • Software overspending — the big budget problem 
  • Whose roadmap is it anyway? 
  • Emerging security threats — are you really protected? 
  • Accelerating digital transformation 
  • It’s your right to repair 

Companies that stay locked in vendor contracts often struggle to advance their digital agendas. When megavendors make decisions about product longevity, upgrade frequency, and price changes with no customer input, the customer loses control.

Managing software assets during an unpredictable economic situation is a complex task. Learn practical strategies from Origina and ISAM to reduce risks of expensive audits and tips for navigating the ever-changing landscape of the software industry.

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