Speed Up Digital Transformation Safely

Telecommunication providers work with Origina to accelerate time-to-value, reduce IT risk, and take control of their IBM software roadmap.

Why Do Telecommunication Providers Work With Origina?

Independent third-party IBM software support can be used strategically with digital transformation programs to maximize the value of legacy products and better prepare for future investments.

Accelerate Time-To-Value

Want to boost return on investment for new and older IT platforms?

Improve IT Efficiency

Need to supplement in-house IT resources while tackling other goals?

Stop Forced Upgrades

Prefer to maintain older and more stable software versions?

Toyota is an international automobile manufacturer and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.

Why Toyota Motor Europe Switched to Origina

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Origina is a Recognized Vendor in the Gartner 2020 Market Guide to Independent Third-Party Support for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP Software. Get the guide to read Gartner’s analysis on the industry and its recommendations for picking a vendor.