Why do Telecommunication Providers Work with Origina?

Dedicated IBM product expertise

Independent Global IBM® Experts deliver dedicated support for the IBM solutions that power telecommunication providers’ data centers and other areas of the business. Each expert boasts 15+ years of experience – with some of them being the original developers themselves.

Intimate support model and project assistance

Origina’s dedicated customer support model ensures that product owners and teams are familiar with the Global IBM® Expert who supports them. The familiar relationship helps unlock valuable insights during quarterly Meet-the-Experts sessions, which are open discussions about challenges and technical blockers.

Annual fixed-cost savings of 50% to fund critical initiatives

Telecommunication providers save 50 percent on their annual IBM® Subscription and Support (S&S) costs by switching to Origina. These savings help fund new initiatives and new solutions to help the IT team boost performance in data centers and the other parts of the infrastructure.

BT is a telecommunications firm that works with Origina for third-party IBM software support.
Telefonica is a telecommunications company that works with Origina for third-party software support for IBM.
Orange is a telecommunications business that works with Origina for 3rd party support for IBM.
T-Mobile is a telecommunications company and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.

Gartner Analysts on Third-Party Support

Learn more about Origina and the third-party support sector from Gartner’s Market Guide to Independent Third-Party Support for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. 

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Origina's value extends beyond fixed cost savings to deliver a greater return on investment for IBM software over a long period of time through value-add software maintenance services.

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